Don Cheto Goes ‘Ganga Style’ [Video]

Musician, singer, TV/radio host, and entertainer Don Cheto is the latest artist to release a creative parody of South Korean rapper Psy’s Internet megahit dance video “Gangnam Style.”

Don Cheto, who is known as “el hombre del vozarrón” (i.e, “the loud-voiced man”) calls his satirical version “Ganga Style,” and the video has already received over five million YouTube hits.

Psy’s original music video now has over 700 million views and apparently is the second most popular video in YouTube history along with prompting numerous tribute videos.

In this particular cover video (see below), Don Cheto has playful encounters with female prison guards, police (including a dance-off with a motorcycle cop), convicts, and other players, along with a hilarious brief sequence involving a bar of soap on the shower room floor. The lyrics of “Ganga Style” among other things generally talk about a protagonist from the country, a ranchero, who gets mixed up with gang and street life and has run-ins with the law.

Don Cheto is the host of the Los Angeles-based “El Show de Don Cheto,” a popular Spanish-language variety program on TV. Singer Jenni Rivera also makes a cameo in the video.

The MOG website provides biographical info on Don Cheto:

“Don Cheto is a Mexican-American entertainer based in Los Angeles whose morning radio show, television variety show, and musical recordings made him one of the most beloved personalities in the Hispanic media during the late 2000s and early 2010s.”

Watch Don Cheto’s “Ganga Style” dance video: