When Will ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Be Added To Netflix?

The mid-season of The Walking Dead Season 7 has just started to air on AMC and fans already want to know when they can expect it to be added to Netflix.

Most fans of The Walking Dead would agree Season 7 has been one of the most intense seasons to date. This is thanks partly to the new villain – and Negan’s sidekick – Lucile. The AMC series is now covering several different settlements that serve the saviors which is causing a lot of inevitable tension and conflict.

The Walking Dead on Netflix [Image by AMC]

Eight episodes of Season 7 have aired on AMC so far, and there are eight additional episodes planned for the rest of The Walking Dead Season 7.

Could The Series Be In Trouble?

While AMC has confirmed The Walking Dead has been renewed for a Season 8, ratings for the series have dropped when comparing Season 6 to Season 7. New York Times notes the mid-season finale of Season 7 only had 15.6 million viewers which is nearly 3 million less than the number of viewers who watched the Season 6 mid-season finale.

While there is no denying the series is still one of the top-rated shows currently on television, the series has lost between 5 and 6 million viewers between the first episode of Season 7 and the mid-season finale. In comparison, Season 6 only lost 1.2 million viewers during the first half of the Season.

Do The Walking Dead fans miss Glenn and Abraham? Are fans frustrated by the fractured story line of Season 7? While there are a number of different possible reasons why the ratings have declined, fans can only hope things turn around during the second half of Season 7 and Season 8, so the show doesn’t come to an end with Season 8.

What’s On Netflix, notes The Walking Dead is at a pretty critical point in the story line where it has transformed from a zombie series to a survival series.

When Will Season 7 Be Added To Netflix?

The U.S. Netflix has had a contract with AMC for The Walking Dead for several years now. Since acquiring the contract, Netflix has been consistent with when they add new seasons of the series to the library for subscribers to enjoy.

Unfortunately for Netflix subscribers, the streaming giant does not drop episodes of Season 7 weekly as the Hulu and AMC platforms do. Those who follow the series live as it airs know Season 7 of The Walking Dead debuted on October 23, 2016.

Watching The Walking Dead on Netflix
Watching The Walking Dead on Netflix [Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

What’s On Netflix speculates that since the first eight episodes of Season 7 have yet to be added to the library, it is safe to assume the release date for Netflix is going to be the same as previous years. This, unfortunately, means The Walking Dead fans are going to be waiting until September of 2017 for Season 7 to be added to Netflix.

It is important to keep in mind this The Walking Dead Season 7 Netflix U.S. release date is nothing more than an estimated guess at this time. What’s On Netflix notes the only reason fans would have anything to worry about is if a rival company to Netflix picked up exclusive rights to the show. This, however, hasn’t happened and does not appear to be in the works anywhere.

Is The Walking Dead Available In Other Regions?

Unfortunately, Netflix U.S. is one of the only Netflix services to offer this AMC series to their subscribers. What’s On Netflix, suggests Netflix UK users look into NowTV. Australian Netflix users shouldn’t expect the series to be added to the library as Foxtel owns exclusive rights to the series in that region.

Do you think fans have to worry about the lowering ratings of the series as it finishes up Season 7 and heads into Season 8? More importantly, are you making plans to binge through Season 7 when it gets added to Netflix? Be sure to share your answers to these questions with us in the comment’s section found down below.

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