‘Game Of Thrones’ Update: How Did The Show Influence ‘Stranger Things 2’?

Game of Thrones is, perhaps, one of the most influential shows of the modern era. And in the latest Game of Thrones update, we, the fans, come to find out that the latest show to get influenced by the hit HBO show — which is currently wrapping up with shooting its penultimate season — is none other than the Netflix sleeper hit Stranger Things! But did you know that Game of Thrones actually influenced Stranger Things 2?

That’s the word according to The Independent, whose latest Game of Thrones update suggests that Shawn Levy — one of the creative geniuses behind Stranger Things and its upcoming follow-up season — to find out how to protect the spoilers of the show from leaking.

“We literally consulted with the producers of Game of Thrones to learn security protocols. We had no security protocols last season and we have extensive security protocols this season. I can’t speak about what they are because then people could crack them. We protect every story point, every page of every script.”

The crew aren’t the only members of Stranger Things 2 that have consulted with the more experienced execs. According to Digital Spy‘s latest Game of Thrones updates, the child actors spoke to their adult, Westerosi counterparts to get a better idea on how to prevent spoilers from leaking, especially when they’re on the red carpet.

Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven, said that when she’s filming with her castmates, the show is called by a codename to prevent people around her from figuring out what she’s talking about.

“I used to throw my sides away and now they have to be burnt. Now we have a code name (for the show). And now I have a code name! It’s this weird thing. On the call sheets our names are across it and if we lose it, we’re dead.”

Speaking of spoilers, the latest Game of Thrones update from Vanity Fair suggests that Sophie Turner’s recent appearances on the red carpet have led people to speculate about what we can expect in the upcoming season.

Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, has been making headlines lately because of her rumored relationship with former Jonas Brothers heartthrob Joe Jonas.

But Turner, who arrived at tonight’s BAFTA Awards with a very high slit in her dress but without her rumored beau in tow, sparked online speculation simply due to the bruises on her legs, which many fans took to mean that she’d been exerting herself on the set.

Vanity Fair thinks that a woman who survived the Battle of the Bastards can survive anything — even doing her own stunts! — but that much of the speculation online is just that: speculation.

“According to Turner’s Instagram account, she’s been busy attending awards shows in Los Angeles, taking in the Super Bowl in Houston, and cruising on boats in Miami. In other words, there’s no proof she’s been anywhere near the Game of Thrones set in a good, long while. We’ll find out if the fans are right or just clutching at straws when Game of Thrones returns later this year.”

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[Featured Image by HBO]