Maren Morris Boyfriend: See Pictures Of Breakout Country Singer And Ryan Hurd

Maren Morris has been a rising star within the country music world for years, but the 2017 Grammy Awards helped bring the 26-year-old songstress to national prominence — and led millions to the internet to find pictures of the singer and her boyfriend, Ryan Hurd.

Morris is one of the featured performers at the annual award show, and even before the curtain opened, and the show started her name was a trending term across social media. While most country music fans will have at least heard of Morris, she has yet to gain name recognition beyond that world, and many people were searching out pictures and video of Maren Morris and her boyfriend, fellow songwriter Ryan Hurd.

What many people found is that even if they had never heard of Maren Morris or even seen a picture of her, they have definitely heard her music. As Us Weekly noted, Morris has been responsible for a handful of huge country hits.

“Morris got her start in Nashville through songwriting: Clarkson’s ‘Piece by Piece,’ McGraw’s ‘Last Turn Home’ and various original songs from drama series Nashville have all been penned by the Dallas-born artist.”

They will get to see plenty of Morris at the Grammy Awards. She will be performing with Alicia Keys and is nominated for four awards, including the Best New Artist award.

“It’s very overwhelming to be in an all-genre category with artists I really admire, and have listened to their records this year and been really inspired,” Morris told The Boot. “I’m really honored to be in that category, and to be representing country and be representing Nashville in that way, in that genre.”

Maren Morris Pictures: Meet The Country Singer Headed For A Grammy Breakout
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Maren Morris has actually been performing for more than half of her life. As GQ noted in a profile of the rising star, she grew up outside of Dallas and started performing at bars and honky-tonks at age 11. When she was 20, Morris moved to Nashville and made a name on the city’s famous Music Row.

But a slow buildup to fame suited Morris well. She told GQ that her grassroots rise to prominence in the country music world allowed her to do thing her own way.

“Everything was always on my terms, so I was really lucky in that sense,” Morris said. “I’m about to be 27. I’m not this bright-eyed 17-year-old that got signed to a label and is listening to all these suits tell them the best plan of action.”

In fact, Maren Morris released her five-song EP onto Spotify, generating more than 2.5 million streams in the first month, Us Weekly reported. The EP included the song “My Church,” which Morris said was the point she stopped being known as a songwriter and started to gain fame as an artist.

“The second that song was done and we were listening back to it, the first thought in my mind was, ‘Wow, they were right. I’m not sending this to anybody,’ ” she told NPR.

Maren Morris and boyfriend Ryan Hurd were actually brought together through music. The two worked together in 2013 on the Tim McGraw song “Last Turn Home,” and eventually sparked a romance.

Maren Morris Boyfriend: See Pictures Of Breakout Country Singer And Ryan Hurd
[Image by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]

“It was the start of a wonderful writing relationship,” Morris told People. “It’s one of my favorite songs that we’ve ever been a part of. It’s just crazy to look back on that moment where we were both just songwriters, solely, and that song has held so much weight over the years. The meaning behind the song actually means more now to me and Ryan, in a weird way — years later, it sort of hit us what the song meant.”

More pictures of Maren Morris and her boyfriend Ryan Hurd can be seen here.

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