Dragon Ball Super 78: Episode Introduces Deities Of All Universes


Dragon Ball Super 78 finally brought us to the beginning of the penultimate chapter of the series. It seems that all of the build up from introducing Beerus, God of Destruction of the Seventh Universe, to the rest of the universal hierarchy that makes up the Dragon Ball multiverse lead to this arc. As Goku brought back another Zen-Oh from Trunks’ doomed future, this allows us to get a sneak peek of the rest of the deities from all other universes that many of us were waiting to see. They all stood upon their platforms as the Grand Priest introduced the tournament’s exhibition matches.

Many of them certainly were unhappy about Goku’s demeanor, which they deemed to be disrespectful. Even the Grand Priest told him that everybody would appreciate some silence. As it has been with every arc in the Dragon Ball canon continuity, all eyes will be on Goku as he tries to make up for convincing the Omni-King to hold a tournament that will determine the fate of the entire multiverse.

dragon ball super 78 gods of destruction
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We already know of the deities and fighters of the Sixth Universe, the twin universe to the one in which all of our beloved Dragon Ball characters live. Since we already saw these two realities go head to head, it’s entirely possible that we might see the twin universe take a backseat as the show features the ones we have not seen yet.

Dragon Ball Super 78 brings forth the Ninth Universe to battle, which features three fighters that all take in the appearance of humanoid canines. It could be that they are the ones to take on Goku, Gohan, and Buu in the exhibition fights because they are the weakest among all of the other universes. Alternatively, it could be that they will come back in later Dragon Ball Super episodes in the form of a more difficult rematch, like with the Sixth Universe. There is little doubt that Champa’s fighters will come back more powerful than they were before.

Starting with the previous Dragon Ball Super episode, there was a new opening song sequence to the show that featured brand new footage that we have not yet seen in a Dragon Ball Super episode. We prominently see Goku fighting a bald extra-universal combatant with large dark eyes and a gray complexion. We’ve seen the assassin Hit be Goku’s greatest challenge so far, so it will be interesting to see how this new fighter challenges Goku in comparison.

The new Dragon Ball Super opening song sequence gives us quick glimpses at the deities from other universes, as their faces quickly turn into silhouettes as the light briefly goes over them. Episode 78 gives us a better look at them, and we can see more clearly the different Gods of Destruction, Angels and Supreme Kais.

Thanks to Toei Animation Japan‘s website, we can begin to see official profiles of each universe’s deities that we saw from Dragon Ball Super 78 as they become more prominent. With a little help from Google Translate, we get a preview of these characters, with more to come.

The Supreme Kai from the Ninth Universe seems to have a bit of a superiority complex. He tends to look down upon other universes, making fun of them and tries to make his counterparts look stupid. The God of Destruction’s name is Sidra, continuing to tradition of puns in the Dragon Ball story. Like how Beerus is a play on the word “beer”, Sidra’s name comes from “cider”, giving the Gods of Destruction names based off alcoholic beverages. We also got a profile for the Eleventh Universe’s Supreme Kai, who is a gentle being with a strong sense of justice (not Zamasu’s sense of justice, hopefully).

It will be interesting to see all the new characters that Dragon Ball Super will continue to introduce and show off to fans. The next Dragon Ball Super episode comes out February 19, 2017.

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