Bucharest Butcher: German Shepard Found Left For Dead In Snow, Now On The Mend

A German Shepard is on the mend after being rescued from the snowy streets of Bucharest after she was sexually abused by her attacker. Spirit is believed to be a victim of the Bucharest Butcher, left for dead with a severed leg, teeth removed, and tail snapped off. To add insult to injury, the Bucharest Butcher left a knife stuck deep into her side.

Animal campaigners in the Romanian capital of Bucharest visited the streets searching for victims of the Bucharest Butcher just days after discovering three puppies that were brutally murdered. They knew the mother of the puppies was still out there, it was just a matter of whether they would find her alive or dead.

Anneka Svenska, a member of the International Aid for the Protection and Welfare of Animals (IAPWA) and a TV personality, was there when Spirit the German Shepard was found in such horrific and life-threatening condition, according to Metro.

“It was awful, it was very hard to see that. To have that in front of you was harrowing, we were all in shock. I couldn’t believe someone could do that, especially the way she had been sexually violated.”

An unnamed woman that fed Spirit prior to the viscous attack originally discovered her in the snow, reporting her devastating condition to the IAWPA and leading Anneka’s team to Spirit’s side.

Anneka could hear Spirit whimpering in the snow, bringing her instantly to tears as she rushed to Spirit’s aid.

When Anneka and her team found Spirit, she was shaking from the cold and her injuries. Tears were running down Spirit’s face.

The video below may be difficult to watch for some viewers. However, Spirit is on the mend and is in much better condition than she appears to be.

Anneka is leading a campaign to stop the Bucharest Butcher from continuing his spree of sexual assault, deadly abuse, and dismemberment, of the animals of Romania.

Although authorities are powerless to act out against the Bucharest Butcher’s serial killer tendencies, since they are focused on animals and not humans, Anneka is pleading with everyone to bring justice to animals like Spirit, according to the Daily Mail.

“It’s important he’s caught, he’s obviously a psychopath. People who do things like this are dangerous, he’s obviously incredibly unstable. It’s really important that the Romanian police take this seriously.”

Spirit has undergone intense life-saving surgeries to bring her back to an acceptable quality of life. Dog Rescue Romania performed the surgeries that are setting Spirit back on a path to a normal life. Once she is healed, Spirit is expected to be transferred to Britain where she will life out the rest of her life in peace.

Spirit is believed to be eight-years-old.

The woman that found Spirit bleeding to death in the snow claims that the near death German Shepard was placed where she would be easily found, in a manner of warning against feeding strays.

Despite the cruelty inflicted upon her, Spirit is quite trusting of humans and is not expected to suffer long-term psychological effects of the sexual abuse or extreme animal cruelty and abuse.

According to the Dog Rescue Romania, Spirit’s case is not unique in any way. Unfortunately, they see many cases similar to hers, although not as many find happy endings.

The Daily Mail reports that there are an estimated 60,000 stray and feral dogs roaming the streets of Bucharest, originating from the Communist era where families were forced to leave their pets to fend for themselves as they were forced to move into apartment blocks.

Anneka hopes that the story of Spirit will bring a sense of awareness to the people of Bucharest as they keep an eye out for the man that has been taking the slaughter and eradication of the feral dogs into his own hands, rather than allowing for humane groups to handle the issue.

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