Leslie Jones As Donald Trump Is The SNL Gender Swap Skit You’ve Been Waiting For

Leslie Jones wants to play Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live and nothing is going to stop her, not her appearance or her gender. The latest episode of SNL featured the Ghostbusters star studying Trump for a meta-skit about Jones’ journey to play the president.

Alec Baldwin has played Trump since the 2016 presidential election debates, but during the beginning of the skit, Jones wonders if Baldwin can keep up his Trump appearances. Baldwin has projects other than moonlighting on SNL, so Jones decided to master Trump’s speaking style, hand gestures, and general persona.

Leslie Jones wants to play Donald Trump.
Leslie Jones wants to play Donald Trump. [Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]

During the skit, Jones jokingly wondered if she could really play President Trump as an African American woman, but Jones gained the approval of Twitter.

During last week’s episode of SNL, Melissa McCarthy portrayed White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer in a hilarious skit exaggerating Spicer’s combative relationship with the media and his love for chewing gum. According to Politico, Trump hated the fact that Spicer was portrayed by a woman, which seemed like an insult in the image-conscious Trump White House.

According to a Trump donor, “Trump doesn’t like people to look weak,” a common theme during the Trump presidency. However, the revelation excited social media and made people wonder what a gender-swapped White House cast would look like.

Rosie O'Donell said she would play Steve Bannon in a gender swap role.

People suggested that Rosie O’Donnell would play White House chief strategist Steve Bannon in order to infuriate Trump and play off of the years-long feud between O’Donnell and the president. O’Donell said she was available for the role on Twitter and ran with the idea. According to CNN, O’Donnell posted her own trolling image of her face superimposed over Bannon’s body to make one of the greatest images of the week.

Trump has famously lashed out against SNL in the past, specifically targeting Alec Baldwin’s impersonations of him. Trump has called SNL“biased” and “not funny,” directly addressing jokes the sketch comedy show made about him or his cabinet. SNL has become so aware that Trump is watching that they now make jokes about him watching. Trump, the T.V. loving president, has accidentally created a new vehicle through which comedians can troll him.

Jones didn’t get very far in her Trump impersonation. During the skit, her fellow cast mates questioned her motivation for playing the president, and said that “it would never work,” but Jones put on a signature Trump wig, eyebrows, suit, and pitched her idea to SNL producer Lorne Michaels.

Jones’ Trump skit was just one of numerous political sketches and impersonations on Saturday’s episode of SNL. The show opened with Alec Baldwin showcasing his beloved Trump impersonation in “Trump Court.” The skit featured Baldwin as Trump fighting three 9th circuit judges in “The People’s Court.” This week, federal judges refused to uphold Trump’s travel ban from seven Muslim-majority countries citing that the Trump administration had not presented a justification for their country selection.

Melissa McCarthy also returned as Sean “Spicy” Spicer in another raucous and combative White House press briefing. Kate McKinnon made an appearance as newly-confirmed Attorney General Jeff Sessions during McCarthy’s press briefing. McKinnon, like McCarthy, looked amazingly similar to the male politician she was portraying, completing another role in the inevitable gender-swap Trump White House cast.

Now that Jones has dressed like Trump, Twitter is debating if Trump will address the actress’s portrayal. Although Jones may have accidentally inserted herself into an internet war between Trump supporters and SNL, the cast member posted a tweet in her Trump costume.

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