Winona Ryder On Losing Virginity, Teenage Drugs, And Those Facial Expressions

Winona Ryder has opened up about losing her virginity and taking drugs when she was a teenager, according to Interview Magazine. The 45-year-old Stranger Things actress, who gave the world a wide range of meme-worthy facial expressions at January 29’s Screen Actors Guild Awards 2017, had plenty to talk about in her interview with Interview Magazine.

Winona Ryder, whose acting career has spanned over three decades, opened up about wanting to take drugs as a teenager. When asked to describe her life in a commune, the actress opened up about her relationship with parents.

“If I wanted to take a drug because I was in school and everybody was doing it, I could go to my parents and say, ‘I really want to try this.'”

And Winona Ryder’s parents would reply, “Okay” and describe to her what would happen to her if she took a certain drug. Her parents could easily talk her out of taking drugs by simply describing what happens to people after drugs kick in in certain situations.

“They’d say, “Don’t get it in the streets, because it could be really bad and make you freak out. Don’t take it in a crowded place, because you’ll panic.'”

While that sounds like dubious parenting advice, Winona Ryder admits that it actually takes the mystery away and children end up not wanting to take drugs. In fact, the 45-year-old actress thinks legalizing drugs would have a similar effect on people.

Winona Ryder argues that legalizing drugs “takes the money away,” which as a result decreases the number of drug wars. The actress also argues that if drugs were legalized, it would be easier for addicted people to get help.

“I’ve never said all that before. I’ll probably get a million letters.”

But at the same time, Winona Ryder admits that she is not taking drugs because she is “too little to take drugs” and her body just won’t tolerate them. When asked about her roles portraying young girls, the actress insisted that she has come of age “about 150 times” throughout her career.

In fact, Winona Ryder has lost her onscreen virginity at least three times, but the actress believes that she is not going to do it anymore. The actress explained that she doesn’t have “anything left to offer” in playing teenagers because she has “done it every way I know how.”

Winona Ryder’s interview came several days after the Stranger Things actress became an Internet sensation and the new Queen of Memes, according to Fox News. The actress gave a wide range of meme-worthy facial expressions at the SAG Awards last month.

While many call Winona Ryder’s facial expressions the most memorable moment of this year’s SAG Awards, the actress apparently didn’t realize her facial expressive reactions to co-star David Harbour’s acceptance speech were so bizarre and funny.

Winona Ryder, who stars alongside Harbour on Stranger Things, apparently lost control of her facial expressions as her co-star delivered a powerful speech while accepting the award for Best Ensemble Drama.

Winona Ryder literally reacted to every word Harbour said, and she had it all: surprise, shock, confusion, happiness, understanding, and acceptance. Many social media users argue that the actress deserves an Oscar for that wide-reaching range of emotions.

The reason Winona Ryder was so emotional during the acceptance speech probably has something to do with her unpreparedness for the Netflix show’s win, or because she had no idea, her co-star could deliver such a moving speech.

After the SAG Awards, viewers across the globe started sharing Winona Ryder’s facial expressions on social media as a gif, turning her into a meme and the latest Internet sensation.

[Featured Image by Richard Shotwell/AP Images]