Roman Reigns WWE Future Set Before Superstars Like John Cena Seal Plans?

The WWE is doing it again to Roman Reigns, which is the stuff that peeves off the fans to no end. This is the same type of manipulation seen by the WWE in the past with Reigns that ended up morphing into the boos heard as he makes his way into the ring today. While greats like John Cena and AJ Styles are without solid plans, it looks like Vince McMahon has big plans for Reigns.

When it comes to Reigns’ place in the wrestling world, some feel the WWE created him into a monster, but not the kind of monster you fear. Reigns is more like a man with a monster of a problem, and it seems to stem from just one person in the WWE.

That person is Vince McMahon, who many in the WWE world believe he has found a favorite in Reigns. With McMahon as your biggest fan, the road to superstardom doesn’t have to be traditional. Fans are really irritated that Reigns gets to skip a lot of the steps that the superstars of the WWE had no choice but to endure, cites WWE great Kurt Angles.

Despite fans taking offense with Reigns not being made to go through the ringer like the rest of the WWE wrestlers, his co-wrestlers really like the guy. There’s also no question about Reigns’ talent when it comes to the mindset of the other wrestlers, he’s good in the ring. This is basically what Angle had to say about Reigns in a recent interview, according to Wrestling Rumor.

The other wrestlers of the WWE really seem to like Reigns, but the WWE has not made it easy for the fans to like the guy with all the special treatment thrown his way. The WWE fans are a breed of their own, and they like to see a wrestler work for what they get. Under normal circumstances, the WWE wrestlers are made to go through the rough motions to get to the top.

The WWE has pushed Reigns every chance they get, putting him out in front, when he should be somewhere in the middle working towards some of the matches the WWE has already put him in. According to Blasting News, one example of the special preference given to Reigns was cited by Kurt Angle in his recent interview.

Angles uses the fact that Reigns was in the main event at WrestleMania just a year after the Shield disbanded. Normally one would expect him to attempt the U.S. title, along with intercontinental titles first before the bigtime was opened up to him.

Despite given the whole loaf of bread without having to peck at the crumbs first, Reigns still hasn’t found a niche for himself, and he remains in a gray area today. He’s got the crowds booing at him because of the fast-tracking of the WWE, which indicates it wouldn’t be too hard to turn this guy heel.

Yet he has the makings of a WWE superstar, which is what many who wrestle alongside Reigns see him doing in the future. After all, it’s a future controlled by McMahon who favors Reigns.

It is the latest bit of news coming from McMahon himself that have folks thinking Reigns’ future is a bit more clear today than it has been in the past. WWE Insiders report that McMahon recently used Reigns as an example of someone from the Raw brand jumping ship to SmackDown.

While Reigns was used only as an example, many believe this is indeed the way McMahon is going with Reigns. The potential storylines for Reigns at SmackDown would be endless, and this could give the guy a fresh start. It might very well be the best answer to the nagging problem of how to pull Reigns to superstar status while getting by an arena full of booing fans.

WWE Insiders finds “its interesting that McMahon already has an idea in mind about where Reigns should go, when even goes (guys) like John Cena, AJ Styles and others don’t have any solid plans yet.”

It sounds like McMahon’s example of Reigns over at SmackDown was more like a hint of things to come then it was taking a creative liberty to explain how things will work with both shows.

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