‘Teen Mom’ Star Amber Portwood Accused Of Scamming Customers Via Return Policy

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood has been accused of scamming customers who purchased items from her online boutique, Be Forever Haute. A customer disclosed to Radar Online the level of unprofessionalism they experienced with staff associated with Portwood’s online clothing store.

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According to Radar Online, the customer purchased $51.93 worth of items and did not get a full refund due to having to pay a restocking fee of $5 per item and $15 for shipping

“I made a purchase, but the clothes didn’t fit… I returned them, but it was a huge back and forth.”

Portwood confidently tweeted no items have been sent back and “people saying that we have returned products are 100 percent lying.” The website Radar Online obtained access to the email exchange between the customer and support@beforeverhaute.com regarding the returned item.

According to Radar Online, on January 6, a customer requested to return two items that were too small. Forever Haute customer service responded on January 18.

“We received a package from you today. We had not received a response from you after we responded to your initial complaint so we we’re not expecting it. We still need a response from you since we about your return. We need to know how you would like us to process your return.”

The customer then fired back at Forever Haute with statements from their return policy.

“Your return policy is very specific. It states, ‘After we receive your approved return items, we will initiate a refund to your credit card.’ You’ve acknowledged receipt of the items.”

Customer service promptly apologized for the delay and confusion regarding the return items.

“We are making an exception and will issue a refund minus a $5 restocking fee per item. In the future, we will strictly adhere to our return policy as written in the ‘Our Policies’ section.”

The drama escalated when the customer slammed customer service for tweeting her private information in the midst of the dispute.

“The second I started tweeting, that’s when she started coming at me… She started threatening me with her lawyer because I’m defaming her character.”

The frustrated shopper then emailed customer service about the disclosure of her personal information on social media.

“Do you realize you’re a professional company representing a well known celebrity with hundreds of thousands of followers & you’re tweeting my private information? My account has been deleted due to your unprofessionalism and reckless disregard for my privacy.”

Customer service for Forever Haute denied the release of personal information about customers. They explained they reached out to the upset customer via social media because they failed to get a response through email communication.

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Amber Portwood of Teen Mom OG has come under fire for refund policy for Be Forever Haute. [Image by Michael Buckner/Getty Images]

“We simply responded to you on social media since that is the only way you are choosing to reach out to us… We would like to handle this in email because we do not think it’s professional.”

The Teen Mom OG star was also accused of purchasing a dress from the website Wish and reselling it through her own business for $82.99. Amber responded by saying she would take legal action if the allegations made against her did not cease.

All my clothes come straight from LA Showroom. You can't buy anything without a tax ID and business&sellers permit!???? www.beforeverhaute.com

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“This isn’t true and is also illegal. If you keeping making these comments I’m taking legal action.”

Forever Haute did not respond to a request for comment from Radar Online.

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