‘Married To Medicine’ Stars Says There’ll Be A Season 5

It seems that Married to Medicine fans don’t have to worry about whether they’ll see the women on TV again. After the Season 4 finale episode aired on Friday night, some of the stars of the Bravo reality TV show, which currently features Dr. Jackie Walters, Dr. Heavenly Kimes, Quad Webb-Lunceford, Dr. Simone Whitmore, Mariah Huq, Toya Bush-Harris, and Lisa Nicole Cloud, confirmed on social media that there will be a Season 5.

On Friday night, Mariah, who besides starring on the show is the creator and one of its executive producers, did several Facebook Live videos in which she answered viewers’ questions regarding the show and her co-stars. In one video, Mariah said “yes” in response to a viewer’s question on whether there will be another season.

In another Facebook Live video, Mariah answered the question of when the cast starts filming the next season.

“No clue. I’m the last to know everything. I’m only the EP (executive producer] and creator, they don’t tell me nothing.”

Mariah is also unclear if she’ll even be on the next season. When asked if she’s coming back for another season, she admitted, “I don’t know.”

During her Facebook Live videos, Mariah Huq was also asked a lot about her co-stars, Dr. Jackie Walters and Quad Webb-Lunceford. On the Season 4 finale, in regards to Lisa Nicole Cloud’s heated argument with Dr. Heavenly Kimes over their conference debacle, Dr. Jackie gave her opinion that Mariah was negatively influencing Lisa Nicole. Viewers also saw that during Lisa Nicole and Dr. Heavenly’s argument, Quad tried to intervene, only for Mariah to tell her to back off.


Mariah told viewers during her Facebook Live session that she and Quad, with whom she used to be best friends with, don’t actually have as big of a problem with one another as it seems on the show. Mariah did, however, make it clear that she and Quad still don’t have a friendship with one another. Mariah also revealed that Dr. Jackie has, since day one, never liked her. When one viewer asked if people will see the “real” Dr. Jackie come out on Season 5, Mariah said that people have already seen how Dr. Jackie really is.

On Twitter, Dr. Jackie thanked viewers for their support and said that Season 4 was “amazing.”

In response to one viewer who wondered what she was going to do without Dr. Jackie on TV every week, Dr. Jackie told her that she’ll just have to remember what she has been taught until the next season.

When another viewer asked Dr. Jackie if that’s a confirmation that there will be a Season 5, however, Dr. Jackie stayed coy. She told the viewer that he’ll just have to keep following her on Twitter to get the answer.

Toya Bush-Harris agreed with Dr. Jackie that Season 4 was “amazing.” Toya also thanked people for watching the show and said that there will be a fifth season.

When one viewer asked Dr. Simone Whitmore if Married to Medicine is just over for this season and not entirely, she replied in the affirmative.

One person who doesn’t seem that excited to continue on the show for Season 5, if the cast remains the same, is Lisa Nicole Cloud. Lisa Nicole, who has been the center of much of the season’s drama, tweeted why she has so much conflict with the other women. Lisa Nicole pretty much said that the others don’t behave as classy as her.

She also called the others inauthentic.

Lisa Nicole’s tweet about how the others curse was likely directed at Dr. Heavenly, who called her a “b**ch” during their argument over their failed joint relationship conference and later told her that their friendship was over. For her part, Dr. Heavenly said that she forgives Lisa Nicole.

That doesn’t mean, however, that Dr. Heavenly wants to be friends with Lisa Nicole again.

The Married to Medicine Season 4 reunion show airs next week. A preview clip shows that viewers will see plenty of bickering among Dr. Jackie Walters, Dr. Heavenly Kimes, Quad Webb-Lunceford, Dr. Simone Whitmore, Mariah Huq, and Toya Bush-Harris, and Lisa Nicole Cloud. In addition, viewers will also see Genise Shelton, who had a recurring role, and the women’s husbands join in on rehashing the season. As the Inquisitr previously reported, some of the cast members gave their reactions and opinions on the Season 4 reunion show immediately after filming it.

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