Tim McGraw And Faith Hill’s No-Nonsense Approach To Daughters’ Dates

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill take a decidedly firm approach as far as their daughters’ love lives go. Speaking candidly on “The Ellen deGeneres Show” on Friday, February 10, the couple revealed that they are a tad overprotective of their three young lasses Gracie 19, Maggie 18, and Audrey, 15.

Tim McGraw believes in taking a tough approach when it comes to potential suitors.

“There was a winter formal or something. There was a bunch of kids in a limousine and I had a sledgehammer over my shoulder, but that was on purpose.”

The country star, who doesn’t look old enough to have dating daughters, explained his philosophy.

“You don’t want to be mean, but when someone’s taking your daughter somewhere, you want to induce a healthy amount of respect – and fear.”

More about Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Daughters

Maggie and Tim McGraw at AMA Awards 2016
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Gracie was the first daughter to leave the nest. In an article in Taste of Country, McGraw tells us a little more about his eldest.

“[Gracie’s] a singer and a guitar player and writes songs and has a band, they played all this summer around town.

“She’s in school now. She’s studying music. I want them to follow their passion — all of them. And all of them can sing and all have different interests, but just to follow their passion. I’d like for her to get her college degree first, but whatever inspires them, whatever motivates them, whatever they wanna go for. That’s what I’m all about.”

Maggie made waves last year when she accompanied McGraw to the AMAs last year while her mother recovered from foot surgery.

Hollywood Life reports that Maggie is a freshman at Standford University where she is studying climate control. Maggie is a free diver and her interest lies in marine biology. At the moment Maggie does not want to follow in the footsteps of her famous parents although she too can sing.

Audrey, the youngest of the McGraw-Hill brood, is in her first year of high school. Audrey has the family gene and does indeed have talent.

What does Faith Hill Have To Say About Tim’s Antics?

Faith Hill, wonderful wife that she is, fully agrees with McGraw’s respect-inducing antics.

“I was a little soft on it. And after when you go through it the first time- those of you who have daughters out there- all of a sudden I just became this animal, like, ”Do it. Take the sledgehammer.”’

As the audience roared with approval, Hill closed the deal.

“Whatever you have to do, do it!”

Faith mentioned to Ellen that their youngest daughter, Audrey, would love to live with Ellen and she has a “very clean room.”

Faith Hill Tim McGraw at CMA Awards November 2016
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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill play Never Have I Ever and Reveal Some Sexy Secrets

This famous country duo will start their Soul2Soul tour in April which will be their first tor together in 10 years, were cornered into a game of “Never Have I Ever” by Ellen.

E Online posted about some of the sexy questions the country royalty had to answer.

McGraw and Hill who have been married for 20 years have both never fallen asleep during sexy time, kudos to them. Hill added to her answer emphatically.

“Sexy time? Like I’m bringing sexy back, baby or something? I’m sure I have never, ever.”

On answering whether they have sent a nude selfie to the other, both Faith and Tim answered “I have never.” A grey area seems to be in the area of waxing, when the power couple burst into hysterical laughter. Faith Hill said, “I have never,” while McGraw exercised his right not to answer the question.

Both McGraw and Hill admitted to using the other’s toothbrush without telling the other, and Faith admitted to snooping through Tim’s belongings.

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