Nicki Minaj Slammed By Meek Mill In Expletive Rant, ‘F*** These B*****s!’

Nicki Minaj is being slammed by Meek Mill after he ranted about his ex during a recent concert, just weeks after their breakup.

Mill threw a serious diss in Nicki’s direction during a concert in Philadelphia on February 10, allegedly shouting “f*** those b*****s!” to the crowd after announcing that he was officially single.

According to Uproxx, Meek was performing at the Wells Fargo arena as part of his “Meek Mill And Friends” sold-out concert when he allegedly seriously dissed Minaj part way through the show after she confirmed their breakup on Twitter last month.

Complex Music live tweeted throughout Meek’s show in the city, tweeting that Meek “reminded the crowd that he is very much single” during the show, before then going on an expletive filled rant against Nicki on stage in which he called his former girlfriend a “b****.”

According to the site, Meek told the crowd of Minaj in a rant during the show, “I’m back down on my own again, f*** these b*****s.”

Meek’s latest diss rant came after a whole lot of drama between Meek and Nicki following their January breakup, including reports claiming that Mill appeared to throw yet another diss in Minaj’s direction earlier this week.

Meek Mill hits back at ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj with a serious diss

DanceHallHipHop reported that Meek appeared to diss Nicki on Instagram after initially deleting his account following their breakup, posting a meme the site claimed was actually a diss aimed at Minaj.

The meme, which is still available on Mill’s page, featured an alien on the phone alongside the text, “When she tell you go get the room now she’s not answering.”

Fans were quick to claim the upload was a reference to his recent breakup with Nicki, joking about the reference to his ex in the photo’s comments section.

“@meekmill that’s what @nickiminaj did to u lmfao,” Instagram user @thewacciestdude wrote, while @dizzidreamz simple asked, “Nicki?”

The meme came shortly before fans also accused Mill of mocking Minaj’s robbery after Billboard reported that Nicki had been robbed of $175,000 worth of jewelry and other items last week, while also revealing that her home had also been ransacked in the process.

Meek Mill then headed to Instagram in the days that followed, posting a photo of himself wearing a black ski mask while wearing what’s thought to be thousands of dollars’ worth of gold chains.

Meek Mill threw major shade at Nicki Minaj during a recent concert

“If you notice I’m never deep anymore! #tightcircles small loop holes,” Mill captioned the photo, after which fans referred to Nicki Minaj’s recent robbery in the comments section.

“So is this the mask you wore when you robbed Nicki since you don’t wanna answer?” one fan joked, while @cdow3 asked, “Meek said I got 450k on my neck 80 on the wrist why would I rob people??” referring to Mill’s recent denial to TMZ that he was involved in Minaj’s robbery.

Mill’s latest diss aimed at Nicki comes shortly after Capital Xtra reported that Meek slammed both Minaj and Drake on Snapchat, allegedly reposting a photo both Nicki and Drake uploaded to social media of themselves in the studio together by telling his fellow rapper that he could “keep” Nicki.

“That n**** can keep her LOL,” Meek captioned the photo uploaded to Snapchat amid his years long increasingly nasty feud with Drake that seems to be showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

But despite Meek’s slew of diss remarks, Nicki has stayed pretty quiet about her ex ever since she announced their breakup on Twitter last month, though sources claimed in January that she is blocking Mill’s calls.

Meek Mill disses ex Nicki Minaj in expletive filled rant

“[Meek] has been trying to contact [Nicki] since their breakup,” an insider close to Minaj alleged to Urban Islandz, but claimed that Minaj is “determined” to keep Mill out of her life following their breakup and prior to his latest diss.

“[Nicki] even went as far as to have her people screen her calls so she could avoid picking up the phone and hearing his voice,” added the source.

The site’s insider then went on to reveal that Minaj is allegedly so serious about staying away from Meek that she had all his belongings shipped back to him and has also asked her team not to book her to attend any events Mill could possibly appear at.

“Nicki packed all of his stuff at her house in California and shipped them to him because she doesn’t want him back there,” the source alleged. “[Her] team is vetting all of her outings to make sure that she doesn’t run into him at any one of her appearances or events.”

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