Joseline Hernandez Reveals Baby Delivery Special Release Date On Instagram

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Joseline Hernandez gave birth to her first child Bonnie Bella earlier this year. The Puerto Rican princess insisted that Stevie J is the father of her child and the former couple went back and forth throughout her pregnancy.

Joseline is yet to reveal Bonnie Bella’s face to her fans and has posted several pictures of her daughter on Instagram with her face hidden. Therefore, many fans of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta have been waiting for the delivery special to drop on VH1. Joseline revealed that the VH1 baby delivery special will air on May 1, and it is her first project as an executive producer on this Instagram below.

The caption reads the following, “I can’t wait for everyone to see my very first executive producer project A show that I put together for vh1 that is going to get so real and raw you don’t want to miss it!”

Joseline stayed in shape throughout her pregnancy with videos showing her working out while heavily pregnant. It seems like the hard work paid off as the reality star was spotted making appearances only a week after giving birth. The rapper and actor also showed off her slim waist and bounce back physique.

Stevie J suggested that he was not the father and insisted on having a paternity test. However, after the birth of Bonnie Bella, Stevie J accepted that the child was his after a DNA test proved he is the father. In order to make peace, Stevie also dropped his defamation lawsuit against his ex after she accused him of molesting his daughter, among other accusations.

The on/off couple have since made peace. However, they are no longer in a romantic relationship and are co-parenting. Stevie J posted a throwback of himself with Mimi and Joseline. The Grammy-winning producer has spoken about having a threesome with the mother of his children in the past.

However, last year Mimi spoke to VH1 about Joseline’s allegations about Stevie J and why she is not willing to have a relationship with her nemesis.

“That’s who she is. She’s a conniving person. That’s who she is, and people need to wake up and recognize who that woman is. She will try to befriend you just so she can turn around to use it against you or stab you in the back. She’s done it to everybody. Karlie still wants to give her a chance and a pass. I’m like, ‘good luck girl.’ She will never in life get a pass from me ever again. Ever.”

Joseline is rumored to be in a relationship with a woman after her drama with baby daddy Stevie Jordan. Hollywood Life reports that Joseline is only in the relationship to make Stevie jealous.

“Joseline has slept with lots of women and she enjoys women,” according to “But she’ll never give up men, she’s been saying that because she know it will irritate Stevie J.”

The Puerto Rican princess has alluded to sleeping with women in the past and identifies as gay. When Stevie suggested that the child was not his during her pregnancy, Joseline stated that she has only slept with women during their breakup.

Stevie J is currently starring in his reality show Leave It to Stevie and is pursuing a relationship with Faith Evans, who he has been friend with for almost 20 years.

Joseline Hernandez’s Vh1 delivery special has a release date of May 1. However, a trailer for the anticipated series is yet to be released. Her viral baby shower last year was a taste of what is to come on the series.

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