Beyonce Pregnant With Twins: Jay Z ‘Fulfilling Her Strange Craving Needs’

Beyonce couldn’t have asked for a husband more supportive than Jay Z, as she readies herself for the arrival of twin babies.

According to Hollywood Life, the “Formation” singer has experienced endless cravings in recent weeks, and while some have been rather strange, Jay Z hasn’t questioned his wife with the food choices she’s been making.

In fact, the music mogul has been doing the opposite, by stocking up their entire fridge with all of the things Beyonce could possibly want to eat.

It was previously claimed that Jay Z had been wanting to expand his family ever since the couple welcomed Blue Ivy into the world in 2012.

To now be expecting two babies this summer has very much left the “Hard Knock Life” rapper feeling overjoyed and excited regarding the new chapter he’s about to start in his life.

Carrying two babies is evidently more difficult than one, and considering the fact that Beyonce has suffered a miscarriage before, as noted by Mirror, Jay doesn’t want Beyonce lifting a finger around the house — he wants her to relax and let him take care of everything.

“Jay Z has been pampering Beyonce ever since they found out she was expecting again. He has been showering his pregnant wife with gifts, flowers, her favorite chocolates, and even rubbing her feet every night,” the insider gushed.

Beyonce seems to have definitely appreciated Jay Z’s helping hand for being such a committed husband who is beginning to seem even more excited about having twins than the “All Night” songstress herself.

It should also be mentioned that Beyonce’s only booked appearances this year, as far as live performances are concerned, will be at the Grammys and the forthcoming Coachella festival in April.

Being the professional that she is, Beyonce is still attending endless rehearsals, wanting to make sure that the performance runs as smooth as possible, so to know that she can come home and be showered with gifts, flowers, and all of her food craving dishes, it’s the ultimate way to call it a day for Bey.

beyonce met gala red carpet

“Jay has made sure that every craving Beyonce has is met and lately that has been a lot of southern comfort food,” the source explained, detailing what the soon-to-be mother-of-three is eating the most right now.

“Their house has been stocked with mac and cheese, black beans and rice, cornbread, and tons more yummy food since Jay found out Beyonce is eating for three. Jay Z doesn’t even try to tell Beyonce to slow down, or take it easy, he knows better than that.”

As mentioned, the 35-year-old is choosing to limit herself to a number of performances she signs on for while pregnant with two babies. The source concludes by saying that Beyonce is fulfilled just by knowing that her man supports her with all the decisions she makes.

The former Destiny’s Child lead singer will be taking a much-needed hiatus from the music industry after welcoming her twins into the world. From what’s been gathered, however, it won’t be for very long, since Beyonce is always eager to get back in the studio and work on new songs that could make the cut for the next album.

“She is planing to take a short time off after the twins arrive, but knowing Beyonce she will still be working on new music — it’s her life and she’s never not working. Beyonce is very much her own woman, and will do exactly as she sees fit. Jay just tries to provide her with all the support she needs — they are a great couple like that.”

Are you looking forward to Beyonce’s performance at the Grammys this week?

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