‘The Walking Dead’ Producer Says Alexandria Will Be Heroes In Season 7B

The Walking Dead Season 7B is looking to redeem itself from the previous episodes that some have considered a “nap.” There are several reasons to be excited for Season 7B, but there is one in particular that kind of sticks out for fans of The Walking Dead.

To put it simply, that heartwarming moment at the end of Season 7A on The Walking Dead sets the stage for the real aggression that is bound to come from the fallout with the Saviors and Alexandria. The core Walking Dead characters are safe and primed to put things back into the previous perspective that will allow them to focus on the real threat of the show, which is supposed to be herds of zombies.

So when Scott Gimple sat down and spoke with TV Line, what he had to say made much more sense in regard to Season 7B of The Walking Dead.

“I always knew that these characters and the audience would have to go through something hard, but they’re all heroes,” Scott Gimple told TV Line. “Even the audience is heroes. They’re going through the journey, too, and I want them to be able to feel that energy about being able to do something finally, too.”

“Heroes” is actually quite a strong word for a show like The Walking Dead. Most would call them survivalists at their core, but “heroes” is not a term that most people use when they talk about the characters fighting through hordes of zombies. But to be honest, they are not really fighting the zombies anymore.

The word actually has a strong echo of truth to it, if what really happens is what The Walking Dead fans are expecting to happen. But the real question here is, who are they a hero to? Are they a hero to themselves or do they liberate others from an oppressive regime that previously had them enslaved to the point that the only freedom they have is to die?

We already know that Rick and the core are rallying the troops in the area for a major offensive against Negan and the Saviors on Season 7B of The Walking Dead. Rick finally gets to meet with King Ezekiel at The Kingdom and neither of the two groups (The Hilltop included) are hip to the idea of taking on Negan.

“Of course, he (Rick) wants everyone around him to survive and thrive,” Scott Gimple said. “But there is an acceptance of doing what they have to do, of even suffering whatever they have to suffer, to not let things stand as they are. There’s a lot of energy to that and even joy, but also on the spectrum of that is an understanding that things could go bad.”

In The Walking Dead, there are about a thousand different ways from Monday that things can go bad — and they do. That is what TWD is all about. But in this particular situation, Rick has the advantage of facing a smart foe, so he can better anticipate Negan’s movements and in some way trick him into being exactly where he wants him to be when the action goes down.

Scott Gimple also said that the identity of the “boots” person that followed Rick and Aaron back from the lake will be disclosed in the first episode of Season 7B on The Walking Dead. He also made sure to note that it isn’t about a person, but rather a group of people who are apparently staking out Alexandria.

The group of people that will be introduced on Season 7B of The Walking Dead are also “a whole different flavor” than what fans are used to seeing on TWD.

Be sure to tune in for Episode 9 of Season 7B on The Walking Dead this Sunday on AMC.

[Featured Image by Gene Page/AMC]