WWE News: Former Champion Recalls Vince McMahon’s Reaction Upon Quitting WWE

When a superstar decides to leave the world of professional wrestling or walk out on their contract, it usually is not met with a lot of acceptance. All anyone has to do is look at the issues that came from Ryback trying play hardball with WWE, and see that it didn’t go very well. There is one former champion, though, who went to Vince McMahon to let him know they wanted out and his reaction is one that a lot of people may find surprising.

For five years, Molly Holly (real name Nora Greenwald) worked in Vince McMahon’s WWE, and she went through a number of different gimmicks. She was a “cousin” of Hardcore Holly and the late Crash Holly. She was the superhero known as Mighty Molly as she teamed with Hurricane Helms. Her final gimmick was one that gave her a brand new look and a villainous attitude.

After a while, though, Molly was ready to be done with WWE and she just wanted to move on with her life. In a recent interview on The Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana, she spoke on a number of topics including having to tell Vince McMahon she wanted to quit.

wwe news molly holly quit vince mcmahon

Molly Holly recalls when she was ready to call it quits in WWE and how she went straight to Vince McMahon to tell him she was done. At the time, John Laurinaitis was the head of Talent Relations and he wasn’t too thrilled that she didn’t go to him first.

“It was on a Monday night after Raw…and some people are like, ‘Oh, you lost to Christy Hemme. Is that why you quit?’ I don’t even remember the match. Like, I just knew that I cannot do this one more day, and so I waited until after Raw. I waited by Vince’s office. He came back from gorilla (position) and I said, ‘Can I talk to you?’ and he said, ‘Yep.’ I went into his office and I thanked him for everything he ‘s ever done for me. I said, ‘Could I please be let out of my contract?’ I had like nine months left.”

This was back in April of 2005 when she was actually ready to not only leave WWE, but all of professional wrestling. It had been said that she was not fond of the new era where looks became more important than talent, but that wasn’t the only reason. Molly Holly was just ready for a different life and Vince McMahon understood that.

“Vince was awesome! Oh my gosh, he was so great. Like, he went on and on and told me all this stuff about how much he appreciated me, what a contribution I had been to the company, I mean, he just raved about me. He told me…he was like, ‘If you just need time off…if you need six months off, whatever. You’re welcome to come back.’ And so, he had pretty much said, like, ‘You’re just welcome here anytime.'”

Holly said she saw John Laurinaitis the next day and he was not happy that she went over his head, but she felt talking directly to Vince was the better idea. Laurinaitis asked if she just wanted time off, but she assured him that she was “just done.”

wwe news molly holly quit vince mcmahon

During her time in WWE, Molly Holly not only won the Women’s Championship on two occasions, but she also captured the Hardcore Championship. Fans absolutely loved her babyface characters and she did a good job of making them hate her during her heel turns.

The official website of WWE reported that she did make occasional appearances on the independent circuit for a couple of years, but has since left wrestling entirely. Molly Holly, aka Nora Greenwald, now does a lot of church missionary work all around the world.

Molly Holly had a great career in WWE and she really made a huge name for herself as far as her in-ring talent, work on the mic, and her ability to give everything she had to all her gimmicks. When it was time for her career to end, it wasn’t because her contract was up, but because she was ready to simply walk away. Some may find it hard to believe, but she was able to just tell Vince McMahon and he was more than happy to oblige and work with her.

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