Kendall Jenner Gets Raunchy At La Perla ‘NYFW’ Show, Let’s It All Hang Out

Kendall Jenner gave audience members an eyeful during New York’s Fashion Week. The KUWTK reality TV star-turned-model got sheer and cheeky, to be sure. Kendall may have just proven why she is one of the “most in-demand models” in the world, according to a Daily Mail report.

Kendall Jenner, 21, led the lineup at the La Perla NYFW gala on Thursday. Kendall and her pal, Gigi Hadid, are often compared in the high fashion game, but all eyes were on Jenner this week as she shared the coveted catwalk with veterans: Stella Maxwell, Naomi Campbell and others.

Kendall set the crowd ablaze with her sheer number featuring lots of lace — and heavy on the “sheer.” The gold lingerie was stunning with intricate embroidery, sequins and a host of beads sprinkled throughout. Kendall was bold as the sexy dainties showed off her pert backside in a big way.

La Perla’s 2017 Fall & Winter lace gown has the brand’s new creative director to thank. The company got its start 63-years-ago and is celebrated for its edgy style and sensuous handiwork.

Kendall’s gown was created with versatility in mind; it can be worn on and off the red carpet. Kendall’s catwalk gown is part of the new inner and outerwear trends.

The gown accentuated Kendall Jenner’s lean figure and curves, tanned skin and her legs-for-days. The reality television star wore her dark locks loose and adorned them with floral clips.

On her new chop featured for the first time at the event, Kendall was happy to talk about the inspiration, per Teen Vogue.

“The day after I got the cut, I went to breakfast at Nate N’ Al. For once, I wasn’t being followed by the paparazzi but, of course, as I’m walking up to the restaurant a lone pap was just chilling at the meter and got me. On my way out he snapped some more pics and then said, ‘Thanks Kylie!’ I think the combination of my new super short hair and my outfit—leggings and a Champion sweater—caused the mix-up. So funny, though.”

Makeup artists did a terrific job with Kendall’s face. Pictures of Jenner featured her face glammed up with a warm palette of colors about her lips and eyes.

Naomi wowed the audience with a lacy negligee and paired it with a print coat of floral design. She rounded out her nightwear with a pair of peep-toe heels.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kendall Jenner is making moves to have her loyal fans support her move to embrace super-sexy fashion. Kendall appears to be focused on taking huge leaps and going against the fashion grain. Her latest styling risk is wide-ranging. Jenner is comfortable getting “naked,” baring her nipples and going the fishnet and sheer routes on and off the catwalk, as IQ wrote.

“The 21-year-old supermodel made headlines when she took to the streets of NYC to bare her nipples in a sheer black bodysuit. Jenner turned heads when she and her friends Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin (who refuses to pose topless) wore matching head-to-toe black and denim outfits. But it was Jenner’s body-baring outfit that caused the most commotion.”

Kendall is also even experimenting with another type of “naked” fashion. While it’s not the skin-baring bootylicious kind, it’s sexy all the same. Recently, Kendall delighted social media fans with Instagram snaps of her feet enclosed in see-through shoes. She showed off one particular image where she posed in nude boots.

Fans showed signs of support, which means that you can probably expect the trend to take flight like a rocket. As they’ve proven time and time again, if a fashion trend is emerging, a Kardashian or Jenner likely has her hand in the pot.

Kendall and Kylie, whether they are trying or not, are unofficial style icons. As such, they have a style-hungry group of fans eager to try out their next creation — even if it’s bodices, sheer or cleavage-baring attire and flesh tone unitards.

What do you think of Kendall Jenner’s naughty booty-rocking look at New York’s Fashion Week?

[Featured image by JP Yim/Getty Images for La Perla]