‘Beauty And The Beast’ In One Body: Baby-faced Powerlifter Deadlifts 400 Pounds

Emma Watson and Dan Stevens are not the only Beauty and Beast that’s trending now. This powerlifter, dubbed “Muscle Barbie,” is breaking the internet, too.

Belle is Beauty, the Disney princess who is beautiful inside and out. Beast is our huge leading man who can take on a pack of wolves by himself and emerge victorious. Now, we have Julia Vins, a beauty in face and character, and a beast in powerlifting form.


This amazing woman, who is the epitome of Beauty’s charms and Beast’s power, recently set social media on fire with her new video deadlifting an amazing 190 kilograms, or 419 pounds, Men’s Health, reports.


At 20 years old, Julia Vins is already one of the leading powerlifters in Russia, her home country. And this phenomenal body she has been able to build only took her, surprisingly, a couple of years. Apparently, Julia started going to the gym at 15 years old, building a beast of a body to match her barbie-like features. At a very young age, Julia already took first place at the World Cup Amateur World Powerlifting Congress (AWPC) 2014, set several World Records, and officially made the greatest results among girls under 18 years old.


According to Julia, from the start, she has chosen strength training instead of normal cardio, saying:

I chose my own path. My family did not put any obstacles in my way. But many of the people I know were advising me to stop doing it and start looking for a real job.

But her heart led her and now, she’s not only a successful and quite famous powerlifter, but an entrepreneur, as well. In response to her growing support on social media, this powerlifter opened a website to continue inspiring people with her story, and helping other powerlifters on their way to success.

Julia says on her website:

No one believed in my success, I had no support, I had no money. But I did not give up. I just was training almost every day.

I think that each of you had some failed in life. But failure — is not the end — this is only the beginning of a GREAT success. Don’t Stop — it’s the secret of real power.

According to Daily Mail, in terms of training, Julia follows a strict, tailored training program. She says that the intensity of her training depends generally on what shape she is in, and that her food plan changes frequently, too. But as any teenager her age, she is careful not to deprive herself and shares that although she follows a strict diet before a competition, she allows herself a cheat day once a week.


Julia Vins does have her fair share of supporters and haters, like every celebrity, but despite the harsh comments she receives, she continues to strive and thrive with her own passion, her supporters’ faith, and her family’s motivation.

Watch this beauty-meets-beast powerlifter showcase her training routines below.

[Featured Image by Julia Vins]