Ariel Winter: I Never Slept With 18-Year-Old Boy, My Mom Is A Liar

Ariel Winter’s drama with her crazed mother continues. The 14-year-old actress is now telling friends that she never slept with 18-year-old Cameron Palatas. According to the actress, her mom made up the story to humiliate her.

Ariel told her closest friends that her mom is “flat out lying” about the relationship. According to several insiders, Winter’s mom is unhappy that her daughter is trying to break her strange hold over her daughter.

One source tells TMZ:

“Ariel is so innocent, she never even kissed a boy until her first kiss in a ‘Modern Family’ episode.”

A second source says Ariel has been “touchy feely” with Palatas in the past, but nothing intimate appeared to be happening between the two celebrities.

It’s easy to believe Ariel’s side of the story since Chrystal Workman chose not to report the alleged underage encounter until after a judge gave Ariel’s sister temporary guardianship of the actress.

Several sources have been in agreement that Chrystal Workman is likely telling lies in order to look like an innocent victim.

The one person that appears to be on Chrystal’s side, at least partially, is her father who claims he never witnessed any abuse towards his granddaughter.

If Ariel Winters’ mom is lying about the encounter she claims to have witnessed, she has just added a potential new underage victim to her list.