‘Flip Or Flop’ Divorce Trending As Fans Continue To Obsess With The Reason Why

Despite the fact that it has been nearly two months since the Flip or Flop couple Tarek and Christina El Moussa shocked fans with news of the separation; and a little more than a month since Tarek officially filed for divorce – fans continue to obsess with the reason why.

The Flip or Flop couple’s relationship, divorce, and everything in between has been trending on Google and social media off and on since the couple confirmed they were separated. Unfortunately for Tarek and Christina, they do not seem to be able to keep any of their dirty laundry hidden at this point.

HGTV couple divorcing

Fans desperately wanted to know why. Why did Tarek and Christina separate? Why did Tarek file for divorce? Why is Tarek asking for spousal support? Most importantly, fans wanted to know what would happen to the HGTV series as a result of the divorce.

Per Hollywood Life, a source close to the couple revealed that Tarek made the decision to speed things along by filing for divorce because he was ready to take control of the situation. The source went on to claim that “Tarek isn’t one to play games.” If the marriage wasn’t going to work out for irreconcilable differences – Tarek wanted to be able to move forward with his life and filing for divorce was the first step in the process.

The source also revealed that Christina’s new boyfriend – Gary Anderson – played a fairly large role in the end of their relationship and why the Flip or Flip couple is getting a divorce.

“Tarek feels betrayed by Gary as he had worked for both him and Christina and feels like he should not have gotten involved in their relationship. Tarek believes that things might have panned out differently if Gary had chosen not to get close to his wife.”

It is possible Gary is the real reason why the Flip or Flip couple are getting a divorce? Would Tarek and Christina still be happily married if Gary hadn’t gotten in the way? Per Hollywood Life, sources close to the Flip or Flop couple seem to think so.

In fact, there are some rumors which speculate Christina may have been dating Gary before she and Tarek officially called it quits. Supposedly, Tarek came across inappropriate text messages between his wife Christina and Gary which ultimately was the reason why they separated and filed for divorce.

Per Hollywood Gossip, the Flip or Flop couple have been “pretty tight-lipped” regarding why they are getting a divorce. The media outlet speculates the reason why Tarek and Christina have avoided explaining why is likely because they want to continue to make the HGTV series.

“Neither of us was involved in a romantic relationship with any third party prior to our separation, or believes the other was.”

Because the Flip or Flop couple is not your typical rich celebrity couple with the money required to keep people close to them from talking about what really happened and why they are getting a divorce – a number of anonymous insiders have come forward to reveal what they claim to be is the real reason why.

As Inquisitr has previously speculated, the divorce and all the rumors surrounding why the divorce is happening may not actually be a bad thing for the HGTV series. In fact, ratings for new episodes as well as re-runs of Flip or Flop have soared ever since news the couple was having problems with their marriage first surfaced.

Tarek and Christina El Moussa

While Flip or Flop fans may never know the true reason why Tarek and Christina are getting a divorce – most have speculated it has something to do with an afraid. While most have assumed it was Christina who was unfaithful, a relationship Tarek had with their ex-nanny has made people question whether or not he could have played a role in the reason why.

The real question is – why do you think the Flip or Flop couple has decided to get a divorce? Share your thoughts in the comments section found below.

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