Kim Kardashian’s Sexy Salad Making Video Drives Her Fans Wild

Kim Kardashian’s sexy salad making video, posted yesterday on Instagram, might not demonstrate the reality star’s cooking skills, but it at least shows one thing – anything Kim does can become an erotic celebration shared by hundreds of thousands of fans, even if she’s just squeezing lemons or cutting cucumbers in half. And in another video shared by her this week, Kim Kardashian also revealed her first photo-shoot ever, and it was, unsurprisingly, for the Barbie magazine.

The salad making video was posted by 36-year-old Kim Kardashian on her good friend Carine Roitfeld’s Instagram account, as reported by People. Carine is a former fashion model, the former editor in chief of Vogue Paris, and currently the global fashion director of Harper’s Bazaar. When Kim found out that Carine’s Instagram account was just about to reach one million followers – she decided it was time to celebrate with a campy video.

Carine Roitfeld, Kim Kardashian attend the Balmain show as part of the Paris Fashion Week 2017
Kim Kardashian with Carine Roitfeld. [[Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

The video, showing Kim Kardashian’s sexy salad making skills, starts with Kim explaining that what she really wanted to do was bake a cake. But alas, she didn’t have the proper ingredients for a cake. A salad, however, is a different matter.

“So I was looking on Instagram today and I notice that Carine is almost at a million followers. So I want to celebrate, I wanted to make her a cake, but I don’t have any of the ingredients.

But I do have the ingredients to make a salad, so I’m going to make her a celebratory salad.”

At that point, we start hearing Lil Wayne’s “A Milli” as Kim goes into full salad making mode. She seductively opens the refrigerator, squeezes a lemon, mixes her reds and her greens, and even bares her stomach as pieces of what appears to be lettuce drop all over her in slow motion. Eventually, Kim Kardashian’s sexy salad is all done – and she even has a celebratory single candle, marking Carine’s million followers.

1 million!!!!! Thank you @kimkardashian @benperreira

A video posted by Carine Roitfeld (@carineroitfeld) on

Kim Kardashian’s video, which was quickly shared by hundreds of thousands of fans around the world, ends with Kim blowing a candle and congratulating Carine’s million followers. Naturally, the video itself helped tip Carine’s Instagram account over the one million mark – so now the celebration is complete.

Kim Kardashian’s sexy salad making video wasn’t the only surprising thing she shared on social media this week. On Wednesday, US Weekly reports, Kim took her Snapchat followers on a trip down memory lane, with two video clips showing her debut magazine shoot – a 1988 issue of Barbie Magazine.

“You guys, my first debut was in 1988 in Barbie magazine. Look at what a star, reading star maps.”

Flipping through the “Special California Issue” of the magazine, in the first video we see Kim Kardashian as she was at around 8-years-old, wearing a white bow in her hair in two of the photos, and wearing Mickey Mouse ears in another photo, as she was visiting the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The second video shows Kim Kardashian next to an “I [heart] L.A” banner – which the Kim Kardashian from the present finds to be cute.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star certainly came a long way in 29 years. From cute photos of a child standing near L.A. landmarks, to showing us a video of Kim Kardashian’s sexy salad making technique, her claim to fame might have changed considerably over the years – but she was already on her way to being a star at only eight-years-old.

[Featured Image by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]