George Michael Funeral: Lover Fadi Fawaz ‘Not Welcome’ By Family

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George Michael’s funeral would not have his former lover Fadi Fawaz in attendance.

According to The Sun, Michael’s family is furious with the former hairdresser who in a series of bizarre tweets insinuated that the “Faith” singer wanted to die, 10 days after the superstar singer was found dead in his bed.

“The only thing George wanted to do is die. He tried to kill himself many times and finally he managed.”

The 43-year-old would later admit that his Twitter account was hacked and profess that he was deeply in love with the “Careless Whisper” crooner until he was found dead on Christmas Day. Fawaz, who dated George Michael for four years before he passed, told police that he slept in his car and found out about his demise the following morning when he went to wake him up.

Andros Georgiou, a childhood friend of the 53-year-old British star, believes the “reclusive” singer died from a cocktail of alcohol and drugs, adding that he “took too much of something” shortly before his death at his Goring-on-Thames home. The 53-year-old, in an interview with the BBC, revealed that his friend was back on drugs and that crack cocaine was a “favorite.”

Initial tests suggest that George Michael died of heart failure. This is a notion that Andros supports as well. The former music producer said he was cocksure that his friend took a mesh of drugs that proved too much for his heart to take and it eventually killed him.

“I just think he took too much of something, mixed with antidepressants and other drugs he was on-with alcohol. I think his heart just stopped beating.”

Andros Georgiou said the singer’s death was still shrouded in mystery, promising that the truth would be pursued to the end. The 53-year-old added that the troubled “cousin” should have been better protected by his so-called friends suggesting that this was one of the main reasons why Fadi Fawaz was “not welcome” at his former lover’s funeral.

Andros said the family was unhappy and unsatisfied with the role Fadi played, adding that “Heaven help him if he turned up…the family hate him.” In a leaked emergency phone call that Fawaz made, it has been confirmed that he tried to resuscitate his former lover himself for an hour before he finally called for medical assistance.

Andros and George grew up as kids together and at the height of the singer’s success, they both toured the world together. However, the pair fell out in 1998 and did not fully mend fences before George Michael died. Andros said he tried to patch things up in 2012, telling the former Wham! singer that it would be a terrible thing to leave things undone between them when death could strike at any time.

“The last thing I want is one of us standing over the other’s grave, wishing he had mended the nonsense that destroyed us.”

Andros revealed that the family had agreed to bury the pop star in the black suit that he wore on his final tour. He added that the 53-year-old who anonymously gave away millions to charity would be wearing a ring engraved with his nickname “Yog” and a gold Cartier watch.

However, the “I Want Your Sex” singer’s body still remains in the hand of the coroner.

A source speaking to the Daily Mail said the family might need to wait till March to get the singer’s body as post-mortem examinations were deemed “inconclusive.” The tests will also determine if drugs played a part in George Michael’s death. The toxicology tests which were ordered at the end of December will look at blood and tissue samples to confirm if toxic substances were responsible for his demise.

The family plan to bury George Michael next to his mother.

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