Amazon Dash Button Can Now Donate $5 To ACLU To Fight Against Donald Trump

Just when you think you’ve seen everything, the Amazon Dash Button has recently been converted to provide an easy way for individuals to donate $5 to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to fight Donald Trump.

Per Tech Crunch, a designed named Nathan Pryor is responsible for designing the ACLU donation Amazon Dash Button. Nathan Pryor ordered the customizable IoT (Internet of Things) version of the Amazon Dash Button and wrote his own code while he waited for it to arrive. Pryor wrote a code that would trigger a $5 donation to ACLU anytime the button was pressed. Because there was not a pre-existing donation API, Nathan wrote his own for the Dash Button he ordered.

Nathan Pryor proceeded to create a graphic to apply to the button to make it look every bit as similar to the rest of the Amazon Dash Buttons currently on the market. A video showing exactly what the ACLU donation Amazon Dash Button could do can be watched below.

The biggest reason why this designer was inspired to create an ACLU donation Amazon Dash Button was because he liked the idea of donating money to the ACLU every time President Donald Trump did or said something offensive.

His code was successful and his idea worked. Anytime Nathan Pryor presses his customized Amazon Dash Button, $5 is donated to ACLU. The Dash Button pulls the money from his prepaid debit card and donates it to ACLU.

Amazon Dash Button customized

There are, however, a few flaws with this ACLU donation Amazon Dash Button. While he did make the code available for others to use, the code stops working every time the ACLU updates their donation page. There also are not really any guarantees in terms of security. This is why those using this Amazon Dash Button to donate money to fight President Donald Trump are using prepaid debit cards. After all, the last thing someone wants is for a young child to get a hold of the button and donate their entire bank account to the ACLU.

Pryor wrote the code for the ACLU donation Amazon Dash Button so that it automatically filled out the donation page automatically any time the button was pressed. In creating this customized Amazon Dash Button, the designer demonstrated how easy it would be for someone else to customize the button to donate towards just about any cause.

While the custom code is available for anyone to use – they should be extremely careful as the programming does not include any form of error checking.

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For the most part, the customized Amazon Dash Button appears to be getting positive feedback. The feedback, however, isn’t necessarily because the button provides you with the opportunity to donate money towards fighting Trump. The reason why people are fighting the button to be so intriguing is because a lot of people didn’t even know you had the option to purchase a Dash Button that could be customized. Some were surprised to learn the customized Dash Button had existed since sometime last year.

Anti-Trump Dash Button

Naturally, there are some individuals who have claimed the button is just another way for liberals and democrats to attack President Donald Trump. There have also been a few people who have commented on the fact that the button takes “slacking and laziness” to a new level.

Would you purchase an Amazon Dash Button that allowed you to donate $5 towards fighting Trump every time you pressed the button? Share your thoughts in the comments section found down below.

[Featured Image by James W. Copeland/Shutterstock]