Cory Booker’s All-Powerful Twitter Snags Free Hot Pockets For Storm-Battered Newark Residents

Cory Booker, the young left’s imaginary boyfriend, is known in part for his successful embrace of social media (Booker helped found #waywire), and Twitter in particular — so a story involving the Newark mayor and Hot Pockets raining down upon residents of his city after some Twitter magic is surprising, but not.

Booker has been great on Twitter in a mayoral capacity even before the Hot Pockets incident, having used it to dispatch help to stranded Newark residents both during massive snowstorms and again when Sandy hit. (And actually, the jury is still out as to whether he would be that great of a boyfriend anyway.)

One of Cory Booker’s best Twitter attributes is his accessibility, and even when joking, he answers back many who tweet to him with ideas and issues.

And even when Booker isn’t playing it straight — as the Hot Pockets thing started out — he still has a wonderful knack for getting things done.

A Newark resident tweeted to Booker in the wake of the storm that his supply of emergency Hot Pockets had run perilously low, a circumstance the Mayor presumably triaged as a lower priority, as he replied:

But despite a lack of direct action from Mr. Booker, the residents of Newark will no longer be forced to deal with Pocket-rationing and long lines at the supermarket while Jersey recovers. As the Mayor of Newark updated, Hot Pockets came through for Tyree and the rest of Newark dwellers coping with reduced Hot Pocket supplies in Sandy’s path of destruction:

Once again, Cory Booker saves the day — what other mayor in the US has managed to fix up his city after a massive weather catastrophe and score some free Hot Pockets while doing it?