‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Still Split On Alex And Meredith Together

Grey’s Anatomy fans continue to take to social media groups and forums to discuss future show relationships. While many want to see Alex and Meredith together, others aren’t too convinced by the ship.

The conversation between fans has sprouted up again since last week’s episode. Alex’s fate was finally revealed, and he was found in Meredith’s bed – where he had spent the whole day sleeping. Meredith was clearly relieved to find him there and instantly hugged him. Fans questioned whether the relief was more due to her getting a friend back or whether there is something deeper between them.

In a new interview, Justin Chambers, who plays Alex, was questioned about the potential romance. The Grey’s Anatomy actor says that Alex and Meredith getting together is certainly possible, according to The Hollywood Life. The problem for him is that the two seem more like siblings and it doesn’t feel right just now to put them together.

“Personally, I don’t see that [happening] right now. I think it would be kind of strange.”

Many fans have said the same. They’re interested in the platonic friendship, viewing the two more as siblings than lovers. They want Grey’s Anatomy to prove that a man and a woman can just be friends, something that the show hasn’t quite proven in the past. Other friendships have turned into relationships or they started as relationships and moved into friendships. George cheated on Callie with best friend Izzie. Callie slept with Mark before he became her best friend. Jackson and April were good friends until they started dating and got married. Teddy and Owen were interested in each other at one point, but Owen chose Cristina and Teddy had to move on.

There are only two truly platonic relationships. The first is Webber and Bailey, although that friendship is currently on the rocks. The other is Arizona and Alex, and that couldn’t turn into a romance without destroying Arizona’s character.

While some fans are against the idea of Meredith and Alex being together, others love the idea. Grey’s Anatomy fans want to see Alex happy. All the women in his life have hurt him in some way. Izzie walked out after she recovered from cancer, while Ava had a psychological break and became suicidal. His recent relationship with Jo involved her lying to him about her past and the current court case, which fans will find out how it ended in tonight’s episode.

Meredith and Alex may not have always been friends, but they are now extremely supportive of each other. When Derek died, Alex remained calm and non-judgemental while trying to find Meredith after she ran away. When Alex beat up DeLuca, Meredith stood by him despite others turning against him.

People see romance between them, while others view it as more of a sibling bond. There is a kind of unconditional bond now, as they grew up through the residency program in Grey’s Anatomy together.

So far, creator Shonda Rhimes hasn’t said if Merlex is end game. She can see both sides to the argument for the relationship, and at the moment is focusing on the Meredith/Riggs/Maggie love triangle. There have also been some fans questioning whether Owen will move on from Amelia to be with Meredith, after one episode where Owen’s visions of his sister brought up the fact that he could have had kids with her – the one thing he wants in life.

Which side of the fence do you sit on as a Grey’s Anatomy fan? Would you like to see Alex and Meredith together or are they better off as just friends? Friendships have turned into successful relationships before, but this is Grey’s Anatomy. Could becoming a couple ruin their chances of being friends every again?

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