‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Does Laura’s Dream Mean That Nikolas Is Alive?

There has been an ongoing feud between the Spencers and the Cassadines on General Hospital for many years. While things are a little different these days, there is still the animosity going on in Port Charles with Valentin Cassadine and mother-daughter team, Laura Spencer and Lulu Falconeri. Now a particular dream that Laura just had raises some questions on what it all means and if there is any significance to what may happen in the future.

Valentin had supposedly killed Nikolas off last year, leaving Laura and Lulu to grieve their loss. They want the new Cassadine to pay for what he has done and want nothing to do with him ever again. Unfortunately, it appears that they are now connected through one little girl, Charlotte, who is Lulu’s daughter with Valentin. According to Soaps She Knows, Laura had a vivid dream on Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital that brings some questions as to whether it has any significance on what the future holds for her and Lulu.

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Laura was there on Cassadine Island when her son was shot by Valentin, but she was not in the same room when it happened. Only Ava Jerome witnessed it all. Now Laura had a dream on yesterday’s show that she was the one who had the gun in her hand and she shot Valentin saving Nikolas from being killed. What does that mean?

Kevin Collins was right there beside Laura when she woke up from the dream. He questioned her about it, and now that she has told him what happened, this could be yet another mystery to solve. He was also there when it all went down on Cassadine Island and got shot saving Laura’s life. Now she is dreaming that she saved her son’s life. Could this all lead up to bringing Nik back to Port Charles?

There have been many rumors recently that this character is not really dead and that he has been held captive somewhere on the island. After he was shot by Valentin, he fell through the window to the ground below, but his body was never recovered. Everyone assumed that he got washed away in the water. Fans have been hoping that Nikolas would be brought back to General Hospital eventually. Original actor Tyler Christopher was let go from his longtime role last year and fans were not too happy about it.

Laura’s dream could very well be her conscience telling her that Nikolas is still alive. More speculations have said that they will be going back to Cassadine Island and this is when Nik will be found alive and well. Another possible scenario is that Charlotte is not really Lulu’s daughter and her real child has been on the island as well.

Of course, the dream could always mean that Laura will be shooting Valentin for real in the future. She told Lulu recently that she would do whatever it takes to protect her from Valentin. So, if he ends up threatening her daughter, Laura could be out for revenge against Valentin for killing her son and going after her other child.

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Would the writers at General Hospital really think about killing Valentin Cassadine off? He has become a favorite character, even though he is considered a villain. Viewers have loved him since he came to Port Charles and would be sad to see him get killed off. Many are hoping that he stays for a long time. He also has a mysterious past with Anna Devane, so his story is still developing. According to more General Hospital spoilers by Soap Central, Anna will have more memories of him as she tries to remember what happened between them.

This dream of Laura’s may soon have some significance on her and Lulu. Bringing back Tyler Christopher would definitely be the icing on the cake for fans and would change things up at Wyndemere if he should return.

What do you think Laura’s dream really means? Will she turn the tables on Valentin Cassadine?

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