Melania Trump May Grace ‘Vogue’ Cover Despite Magazine Endorsing Hillary Clinton

A Melania Trump Vogue cover may be coming soon, according to the Daily Beast. Despite the fashion magazine’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton instead of the new First Lady’s husband, Donald Trump, an insider hinted that Melania might grace a future Vogue magazine.

Melania Trump’s name surfaced during the Journal’s interview with fashion extraordinaire, Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue. Wintour talked about a litany of subjects and a quagmire in the industry.

“Fashion Week” kicks off Thursday and the challenge is to entice consumers to get stoked over pricey fashion choices during a volatile time in which the world is enamored with the Trump administration.

“Designers don’t live in a vacuum, they are not blind to what’s going on. They too will be inspired by what they see and that will come out in their work. The next few years are going to be incredibly creative. [Vogue’s] mission is to recognize that and support that and bring that to our audiences.”

Melania Trump appeared on a Vogue cover in 2005, long before her New York billionaire husband campaigned for president. Months ago, a number of entities in the fashion community rebuked Donald and refused to dress Melania over her husband’s rhetoric. Still, a rep for Vogue left open a possibility Melania Trump would grace its cover one day, according to the Business of Fashion.

“‘While we never comment on future editorial, Vogue has a long, rich history, dating back to Mrs. Helen Taft, of covering America’s First Ladies, regardless of party affiliation,’ said a representative for the title. In addition to Mrs. Taft, Vogue has photographed every First Lady since Lou Hoover, with the exception of Bess Truman. Hillary Clinton made history when she became the first First Lady to appear on the cover of the magazine in December 1998. Michelle Obama has since appeared on the cover three times since 2009, most recently on the December 2016 cover.”

Later, Wintour echoed the statements about Melania’s future with the title in her recent interview, based on a quote taken from Daily Beast.

“We have a tradition of always covering whoever is the first lady at Vogue and I can’t imagine that this time would be any different.”

Vogue celebrated a milestone in its 124-year history by endorsing a candidate for president in the recent campaign. Wintour spoke about the decision with her and the editorial team.

“Obviously we felt it was a moment in history for women. At times like that you need to take a leadership position…. To me, it was in support of women.”

Ironically, just last month, a former Vogue editor-at-large criticized Melania Trump over her choices in fashion and hairstyles, according to a previous Inquisitr celebrity news report, saying she is “trying too hard.”

Andre Leon Talley is affectionately known in the fashion world as “Monsieur Vogue.” The former one-time Trump supporter took part in Melania Trump’s wedding to Donald. He even took a flight with the future first lady to Paris where they picked out her wedding dress, according to Eurweb.

Talley has parted company with the Trumps and believes Melania needs “tweaks” with her wardrobe and hair on various levels if she’s serious about being a first lady.

“You make the choice to be in Trumpland or you make the choice to eject yourself from the horror of Trumpland. I’ve made my choice not to be part of Trumpland.”

Melania Trump is likely to grace more covers of popular magazines; it’s a time-honored tradition among first ladies. However, the FLOTUS came under fire when she appeared on her first glossy cover last month.

Melania appeared on the magazine cover for Vanity Fair Mexico and a backlash ensued. The edition contains interviews with the first lady and offers an intimate look at her life, her quest to be the “new” Jackie Kennedy and her secret to dealing with her husband.

Critics shot down the decision to feature Melania because President Donald Trump is deeply involved in a public battle with the country’s president over White House plans to build a wall — and have Mexico pick up the tab.

By eating a bowl of diamonds and jewels as if they were pasta on the cover, Melania was slammed by critics for the “elitist” persona. Many said the image was ill thought, considering a large percentage of Mexico’s population is impoverished.

Citing a quote from Guardian, Guadalupe Loaeza, a Mexican author and columnist, weighed in on the outrage Melania’s cover provoked.

“It’s a lack of sensitivity on the part of the publisher. I started reading this and I couldn’t finish. I didn’t want to know anything about the wife of our country’s No 1 enemy.”

What are your thoughts about Melania Trump potentially appearing on an upcoming Vogue cover? Michelle Obama graced the magazine three times. Will Melania upstage Mrs. O?

[Featured image by AP Photo/Susan Walsh]