‘Riverdale’ Season 1: Bisexual, Incestuous Relationships – More Sexuality Angle?

The CW’s exciting new teen drama series, Riverdale, is expected to explore more sexuality angles. The recently launched television series is already being considered a contender to Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girls.

With a bang-on start from Episode 1 itself, Riverdale presents a never-before-seen side of Archie and his gang. Cole Sprouse, who portrays the role of Jughead, revealed in his interview with Collider that the sexuality of the characters will be majorly explored and will be a crucial element to the series.

“Sexuality plays a big role in this because sexuality plays an ever-present role in both adult and teen relations. It’s present between Betty and Veronica, Archie, Kevin, Reggie, and Jughead. Because it’s such a fundamental part of how we interact with the world around us, it has to be a part of a show like this. This is a show about kids’ lives and adults’ lives. If sexuality is not a part of that, then you’re ignoring one of the crucial elements to our existence.”

Riverdale Episode 1 started spot-on with the sexual theme – Archie and Miss Grundy’s erotic relationship, Betty and Veronica’s kiss and the Blossom twins’ mystery romance. There will be more angles to the sexuality theme that will create complications down the road for the characters, Sprouse added.

Cole Sprouse’s character Jughead is reported to be not asexual. The actor revealed that might not be in Riverdale Season 1 but in future of the series, his character’s sexuality will be explored. He is playing the crucial character of the narrator of the television show, who was once best friends with Archie.

As for Betty and Veronica’s romance, the actresses stated clearly that kiss was it for their characters. Camila Mendes, who plays the character of Veronica, said that she is not surprised that fans want Betty and Veronica to be together.

riverdale season 1 veronica betty kiss

“I’m actually not very surprised. I feel like there’s a lot of erotic fan fiction out there, that people have done for Archie Comics. It’s expected, but we’re friends.”

During her interview with TV Line, Mendes says that Veronica’s potential bisexuality may be uncovered in the future.

“Maybe that’s something that could be explored one day. But it’s not something we’ve really decided on.”

Even actress Madelaine Petsch, playing the role of Cheryl Blossom, stated clear that there definitely is something very personal between her and her twin brother, Jason Blossom but it’s not sexual.

“We have this joke on set: We call it ‘twincest.’ She’s not in love with him in an intimate and sexual way. It’s that he’s the only person who’s ever shown her unconditional love, and [he’s] the only person she’s ever unloaded unconditional love back to.”

Riverdale is written by Archie Comics’ chief creative officer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and produced by Greg Berlanti. The series will mainly focus on the ups and downs of Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead’s lives. The main character of Archie is shown as a confused teen, who is trying to balance his personal life romances and professional life career choices.

Betty’s character is more of a sweet next-door girl, who will be seen struggling her love and friendship for Archie Andrews. The character of Veronica is very different from what was in the Archie comics, rather than having constant competition with Betty for Archie’s attention, Veronica and Betty will develop a life-long friendship.

riverdale season 1 archie betty veronica cheryl cole sprouse jughead

The darker and erotic television series is also going to revolve around the Jason Blossom’s murder mystery. With everyone trying to guess the main culprit behind the death of one of the Blossom twins, KJ Apa, playing the role of Archie, says that it might be Jughead. Though, he stated further that he does not really know and would love to find out the mystery behind Jason Blossom’s death.

There is so much to be uncovered in the upcoming episodes of The CW series. Riverdale Season 1 Episode 3 will premiere today on Netflix.

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