Sharon Osbourne Criticizes David Beckham Over Leaked Email Scandal

Sharon Osbourne has called out and humiliated former footballer David Beckham over his desperate pursuit of being knighted as revealed in emails which were recently leaked.

Osbourne described Beckham’s pursuit for Knighthood as desperate and shallow. The X Factor judge was perplexed and did not understand why anyone would want to pursue Knighthood. She even told David to get a life. She was speaking during an episode of The American Chat Show. She was initially supposed to defend him but she revealed that her opinion of the former footballer changed after she saw the emails.

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The thing that gets me is who does want to be a stupid knight anyway. Who does? Only people who are shallow. I am sorry you are still the same person. I just think really is that what you were working towards really?” Osbourne stated.

Beckham disrespectful in his emails

Beckham was allegedly displeased with the honors committee and even went ahead to call them unspeakable names while also describing the committee as unappreciative. The emails also reveal how the former footballer ranted about various matters and even took a jab at Katharine Jenkins, calling her a big joke.

Sharon was discouraged by Beckham’s email scandal

Sharon has known the Beckham family for years which is probably why she was so discouraged when she found out about the emails. She gave her opinion about the former Manchester United player in a bit of a rampage because she felt that he had let her down and that the emails did not represent the guy that most people have known for years.

“I am disappointed. I love the Beckhams, always have. I think they are a most amazing couple and when you see a couple like this that have an incredible family and they have both got amazing careers, and then David does all this charity work,” Osbourne added.

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Despite her strong criticism against David, the X Factor judge also made sure to give the former footballer credit for his charity work. She acknowledged that it was important to give credit where it was due. Beckham’s rant is believed to have been caused by frustration for not being recognized for his charity work as well as sportsmanship.

The 41-year-old became the center of a controversy about a week ago after the contents of his emails were published by various newspapers in the UK. The hacked emails came from Beckham’s PR Simson Oliveira.In the meantime, David’s wife Victoria Beckham was spotted stateside looking rather glum, perhaps also disappointed by her husband’s email. She is believed to have traveled to New York for business purposes. Posh clearly does not like how things are going for her husband.

David’s leaked emails controversy is not the first time that Sharon has criticized the Beckham family. She previously subjected Victoria and Becks to criticism for encouraging their youngest son Cruz to venture into pop at 11-years-old which she believes is too early. This was after the 11-year-old released a charity Christmas single. Osbourne claimed that the boy was too young to venture into the harsh music industry.

It seems David has been throwing hints about wanting to be knighted. He posted a happy birthday message to the queen on April 21 and added another happy birthday message on the official celebration which was held on June 11. His Instagram posts referenced the queen about five times in the past 18 months. This suggests that he was trying to get some attention, and most likely so that he would get his wish. Unfortunately, Beckham’s leaked emails have brought him shame and Sharon disapproved his attempts, referring to it as a shallow move.

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