Did Paris Hilton Get A Boob Job?

The former reality star cum DJ was spotted in Las Vegas with bigger breasts and left many questions if she did indeed get a boob job or if she was just using an illusion. She has been known to use illusions in order to make breasts look larger than they actually are. For instance wearing certain bras and filling her bra and as some makeup artists have shown contouring with makeup. She was wearing a black revealing dress.

The star has a residency as DJ in Las Vegas shared her alluring pictures on her Instagram page. She seemed to be having the time of her life as if she were on top of the world. She has reiterated in the past that she hasn’t undergone any surgery and that she simply uses a bra.

What gave Paris Hilton bigger breasts
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The entrepreneur modeled various poses all over the hotel that she was staying, that is the Palms Casino Resort. She has her own villa, which is estimated to be $40,000 a night to stay at the Sky Villa Suite. It has four bedrooms and separate staff with a private kitchen. There is also an elevator with a bedroom that has a stunning view of the city.


Ditsy blonde or Mogul?

The former reality star believes that she was the one who started reality TV and made it big. She was on the show The Simple Life and once had a sex tape, which seems to be the equation to success in the reality world. She believes that because of her behavior on the TV show as a blonde clueless bimbo many people thought that she was indeed that. Emphasizing that was just a character she played for the show that she indeed in the opposite of the airhead blonde. She has said many times that people assume that because she’s an heiress that she is not hardworking.

The singer has many clothing brands, accessories, perfumes, watches under her name. She continues to remain hardworking in the sense that she has many businesses to run. She has been asked several times to appear on varied reality shows but the star insists that she simply no longer has the time for them.


Jet setting Party Girl

The socialite who has been DJing for a number of years as well as partying hard has been doing pretty well for herself. Paris has been playing at an Ibiza club during summer and she has been reportedly been paid large sums of money when asked about the money that she earns, she simply responded saying that her mother told her that it’s not polite to discuss money. An obvious way to avoid responding to whether she has been earning millions from her work. She has managed to anger a number of other DJs who believe that she is not a real DJ and should leave the work for those who are actually passionate and hardworking when it comes to the process.

One of the DJs she’s had a fight with is deadmau5 whose real name is Joel Thomas Zimmerman. He went on his blog and wrote about how he believes that the mogul doesn’t deserve the positions and jobs being offered to her. That is she had been receiving high profile gigs and based on observation not really performing just acting like she is. He said that she was receiving a huge paycheck and it was unwarranted. The DJ implied that Paris was hated by other DJs as well. However, Paris responded to the comments on her Twitter by saying, “I find it hilarious when others badmouth me in order to get attention. Sorry that I’m #Killingit while doing what I love & live for.”

Paris probably would have some experience in making people excited during raves as she has been reportedly partying since she was 15-years-old. She mentioned in her interview with Billboard that she loved music from a very young age and that she loves going to festivals. She even mentioned her alter ego, Raver Barbie and that loves dressing up and having a lot of fun as she loves entertaining people and that she loves to party!


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