Kylie Minogue Spent Roughly $10,000 On Ex-fiance Joshua Sasse’s Hair Implants

Kylie Minogue is said to have paid roughly $10,000 for ex-fiance Joshua Sasse’s hair implants according to recent reports.

Minogue is said to have financed her former boyfriend’s hair implants and the job reportedly set her back about $10,000. The claim was made by Peter Ford during a KIIS FM radio session with Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O on Monday. Ford also revealed that Minogue was determined to make the relationship work but things did not go as expected following their recent divorce.

Kylie Minogue spent $10,000 on ex-fiancé Joshua Sasse hair implants
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“She’s given him everything. Which is fine to do in a relationship, and she was happy to do that,” Ford revealed live on air.

Kylie was heartbroken by the breakup

The news about Kylie’s breakup with her family came as a shock to her fans. The 48-year-old really wanted her relationship with Sasse to work but unfortunately, things did not work out and it ended in a recent breakup. The whole thing left Minogue very devastated considering that she had invested a lot of her time and emotion into the relationship.


It was never about the money

Ford also pointed out that even though Kylie paid for Joshua’s hair implants, it was never about the money. The 29-year-old actor was not trying to force money out Minogue according to what Peter told the KIIS FM radio presenters. He also added that her main focus was to work on the relationship and to make sure that it worked.

“She paid for his hair extensions. He got the plugs put in. That’s the ultimate sign of love and dedication and she’s been rewarded like this,” Ford pointed out during the radio session.

Kylie might be hurting because of the breakup especially considering that they broke up less than a year after their engagement. However, her family and friends are relieved that it did not work out. Ford claims that Minogue’s friends and family never really liked Sasse. Kylie’s sister Dannii is pleased that the relationship did not work out. She did not like Joshua from the get go. She did not like him because she felt like he was trouble.


Ford also noted that it was better that Minogue and Sasse broke up before they got married because they would probably have ended up facing a nasty divorce. Kylie started dating Joshua in November 2015 and she appeared to have fallen deeply in love with the guy. Things might not have ended well for the singer but she is trying her best to move on. She was recently spotted out in public just a few days after the split with her boyfriend.

Kylie Minogue spent $10,000 on ex-fiancé Joshua Sasse hair implants
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Kylie was photographed on Monday as she left her luxurious home in London. The photos were taken as she got into the back seat of a silver Mercedes which was driven by a chauffeur. The pop star wore a white bobble hat and tried her best to duck so that photo-hungry paparazzi and fans would not see her. It was her first time being spotted in the public limelight after the breakup with Sasse. Fortunately, she has not been hiding for long since she announced the news on Friday morning which is just a few days ago.

Minogue has not revealed the reasons behind the breakup. However, there have been rumors that she threw Sasse out after he started getting too friendly with Marta Milans who is a Spanish actress. Despite the painful end of her relationship, she was thankful to her fans on Instagram for the love and support that they have always offered to her. Tough luck Kylie’s love life but at least Joshua came out of it with a $10,000 hair implant.

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