‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Sibling Showdown, New Flames, Alliances

The Bold and the Beautiful Thomas confiding to a friend

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers for Feb. 8 reveals that rivalries will intensify in the coming episode. A new romance seems to be in the works with the current turn of events. Sibling rivalries and matters of the heart will crank up the pressure.

Sibling Rivalry

According to The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers, Thomas (Pierson Fode) will stop putting up with his family’s penchant for undervaluing him in every way. After Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) was named CEO, Thomas couldn’t help but feel betrayed. The family drama will affect not just the professional relationship between the two but their personal ties as well.

Steffy wanted to apologize to her older brother and patch things up. This time, however, saying sorry will not be enough for Thomas. While Thomas knows that his sister is not to blame and this is the best career move for her future, his pride will not allow him to overlook things this time. Ridge and Steffy sharing the CEO position is just too much for him.

Thomas was named black sheep label for a reason and The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers tease that his next move will show his family just what he is worth. Eric’s (John McCook) decision to pass him up for promotion could be the trigger that will push him to leave Forrester Creations.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Thomas could see himself rising in ranks in another company. Thomas has been taken for granted for some time now and he knows that Spectra could offer him a better deal. He could be a valuable asset for the company and it will be advantageous to him too. He could finally make his family realize what they’ve lost when he starts making waves in Spectra.

Spectra Fashions

The relaunch did not work well for Sally but this is not going to stop her from her quest to success. Based on the latest The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, Sally is not just after the money she wants to be in Steffy’s place. While Sally is trying to keep a positive attitude, Steffy is going to use this opportunity to put her rival in her place. The latest spoilers reveal that Steffy is going to have choice words for Sally about her huge relaunch mishap.

The Bold and the Beautiful Steffy having a conversation

It seems that the fight between the two rivals will not just be an exchange of words. Things will escalate quickly and the two women will start hurling sweets at each other. The Bold and the Beautiful preview also hints that Steffy and Sally’s cake war is going to be something worth looking forward to in Wednesday’s episode.

Cake wars aside, there are also spoilers that Thomas could find himself in the middle of a sticky fight between Sally and Steffy. Thomas has been bumping into Sally. There are some speculations that The Bold and the Beautiful is working on a possible romantic plot that involves Sally and Thomas. If Thomas leaves the family business to jump over their rival’s fence and he gets entangled with Sally, it is going to be a complicated situation.

The majority of the soap’s fans are shipping Thomas and Sally together and there is a chance the two are going to be together. This would be a great plot twist for the soap.


The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers also hint that Bill (Don Diamont) will take his son back into the family business. After Wyatt (Drain Brooks) decided to resign from Forrester Creations because being around Steffy is too hard for him, he will ask his father for a job.

His father would be happy to have his son back in Spencer Publications. Bill will acknowledge the fact that Wyatt has so much to offer the business and that together the company can go further. The midweek spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful predicts more showdowns as jealousies spark between different parties.

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