Prince Harry: UK Newspaper Apologizes To Royal For Printing False Story

Tabloid admits guilt

Prince Harry often finds himself in the tabloids for various reasons. Lately, those reasons often circulate around his new relationship with Suits actress Meghan Markle. Yet a recent story printed in The Sun, a UK tabloid, involved a headline that suggested Prince Harry criticized investigations regarding military abuse in Iraq.

Entertainment Tonight makes note of the false details the British tabloid printed in the story.

“The Sun‘s headline originally read ‘Harry: Heroes Probes ‘A Joke” and suggested the young Royal blasted so-called iHat investigations into alleged abuse in Iraq. The outlet had written how Harry was ‘furious’ and ‘hit out’ at the treatment of troops accused of war crimes.”

Prince Harry has been cracking down now more than ever when it comes to tabloids and press printing false stories about him and also when it comes to the manner his privacy is intruded upon. The 32-year-old was quite open in recent years about how difficult it has been for him to date and build relationships with former girlfriends due to the constant harassment the young women he has dated were constantly under. After confirming his latest relationship with actress Meghan Markle, Harry did not let the ill treatment toward her in the press and via social media go unnoticed.

The Huffington Post relays statements released by Harry via Kensington Palace at the time he confirmed their relationship.

“It is not right that a few months into a relationship with [Prince Harry) that Ms. Markle should be subjected to such a storm. He knows commentators will say this is ‘the price she has to pay’ and that ‘this is all part of the game’. He strongly disagrees. This is not a game — it is her life and his.”

The statement was issued after Markle had been harassed endlessly by paparazzi and tabloids, not to mention by trolls on social media who disapproved of the coupling. The statement goes on to indicate that although this sort of address is not typical from the royals, it was deemed as necessary in this circumstance.

“He has asked for this statement to be issued in the hopes that those in the press who have been driving this story can pause and reflect before any further damage is done. He knows that it is unusual to issue a statement like this, but hopes that fair-minded people will understand why he has felt it necessary to speak publicly.”

Since this point, Markle and Prince Harry have seemed to blossom as a couple, despite being the subject of constant rumors.

The false story that was printed by The Sun in October of 2016 did not go unnoticed by the Prince and his media team at the palace either. The youngest son to Prince Charles has finally received an apology from the tabloid. The Sun admitted that despite learning that the source they quoted and relied on for the story was misinformed, and the details brought forward false, they went ahead with publishing anyway.

ET makes note of the apology offered to the Palace and Prince Harry by the tabloid.

“We published a front page story on 17th October, 2016, headed ‘Harry: Heroes Probes a Joke’, stating that Prince Harry described iHat investigations and prosecutions as ‘a joke’, despite categorical denials as to its truth from a Kensington Palace spokesman before publication. We now accept that the story was untrue and that we were misinformed by our source. We apologize to Prince Harry and his staff.”

Kensington Palace representatives-likely members of the Prince’s media team members- responded to the apology via the palace Twitter account, noting that they recognize the apology made by the tabloid, which reads, “We acknowledge The Sun’s apology and correction printed in today’s paper.”

[Featured Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]