Chelsea DeBoer’s Father Mocks Jenelle Evans’ Pregnancy News On ‘Teen Mom 2’

Chelsea DeBoer learned that she was pregnant in the spring last year, which came as a big surprise for the Teen Mom 2 star. While they weren’t planning on getting pregnant, they weren’t exactly avoiding it either. Chelsea and her husband, Cole DeBoer, were busy planning their wedding, which would be celebrated at two separate ceremonies. They would have a smaller wedding for family and friends and then have a big wedding a year later. And after learning of the pregnancy, Chelsea announced that she was moving the wedding one year ahead to the date of her anniversary.

According to a new tweet, Chelsea DeBoer didn’t live tweet during last night’s episode, but her father did have some things to say about Jenelle Evans. One can imagine that DeBoer was focusing on her new baby boy, but Randy watched the show, and he was shocked to hear that Jenelle hadn’t told her mother about her own pregnancy. Instead, Evans announced her pregnancy on social media, and her mother learned about the baby news from her co-workers. And as Randy pointed out, it may have been wrong for Jenelle to tell all of social media but not her own mother.

“Didn’t tell anyone except social media LOL,” Chelsea DeBoer’s father tweeted last night as Teen Mom 2 aired, tagging MTV in the tweet and using the hashtag, “#TeenMom2.”

“Right? We literally told the whole world then decided to tell you,” one person replied to Randy Houska, while others added, “And then expects everyone to be happy for her. She went about it all the wrong way. Smdh,” and “Coz you know how important social media is to a narcissist.”

Of course, Jenelle and Chelsea haven’t really spoken in a while. Even though Evans said that she was happy for her co-star after she gave birth to her son, Watson Cole, Chelsea herself hasn’t actually reached out to Evans to congratulate her on her daughter, Ensley. And many reports surfaced about a feud between the two Teen Mom 2 stars. However, Chelsea DeBoer may have been too busy with something else.

“They tell the world first then get mad at her mom for being upset. Such big heads/egos with little brains,” another person wrote in criticism of Jenelle’s way of handling the pregnancy.

As it turns out, DeBoer is having some breastfeeding issues, and she got some help and advice from some of her followers who are in the same boat. While Watson is breastfeeding great from one breast, he’s having a hard time latching on, so she’s resorting to pumping to balance out her milk supply. And while she’s doing her best, it sounds like Chelsea is finding comfort in her followers’ advice.

“Hahah my life literally only consists of nursing and pumping now,” Chelsea DeBoer revealed on Twitter this weekend, sharing that her life is all about her baby Watson these days and not so much about Teen Mom 2, to which she got some advice from her followers.

“From one nursing momma to another. be careful pumping before 6 weeks darlin. Your supply needs to regulate!” one person advised Chelsea, who replied, “He’s been having a hard time latching on one side…so I only pump on that side if needed!”

“My daughter was same way with favoring one side. I pumped both sides after every feeding. Keep it up, so beneficial!” the follower wrote back to Chelsea DeBoer, sharing a picture of a fridge packed with breastmilk.

What do you think of Chelsea DeBoer’s father criticizing the way Jenelle Evans handled the pregnancy news? Do you think it was rude for her to share the news on social media without telling her mother first?

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