Kyle Richards Too Good For Walmart? ‘RHOBH’ Star Has Cringeworthy Moment

Kyle Richards RHOBH

Kyle Richards is trying to stay out of the drama on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but it is hard for her to stay neutral when the drama is about her sister Kim Richards. Apparently, Kim’s sobriety is being called into question again after new housewife Eden Sassoon started talking about her own experiences with alcoholism, overdoses, and losing her sister. And this was probably the last thing she wanted to focus on as she was planning her big party.

According to a new tweet, Kyle Richards revealed that she was a bit stressed out over the party as some of the pieces weren’t falling into place. In addition, Richards knew that Eden might confront her sister about some of the things that were said behind her back. While Kyle wanted to keep the peace with her sister, one can imagine she had a lot going on. And this resulted in a cringeworthy moment for Kyle Richards.

“I love you, but complaining about a Walmart being nearby at your party is a little cringeworthy…I’m a target person though!” one person wrote to Kyle on Twitter after watching Tuesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, where Richards questioned her party planner about a Walmart being nearby where she was hosting her party.

Don't miss tonight's #rhobh & our Great Gatsby party ???????????? thank you @david_meister for my dress!!

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Kyle’s expression was one of surprise and skepticism. And while some people saw her reaction as being one of shock that a Walmart would be near her fancy party, others saw her reaction as one of confusion. Was there a Walmart near her that she didn’t know about? Her reaction caused some discussion on Twitter as some people thought that Kyle was implying she was too good for Walmart and hinting that she was better than people who shopped there. But as it turns out, this was not the case.

“You misunderstood. I WANTED one. Just didn’t believe there is one b/c I’ve never seen one around here,” Kyle Richards explained on Twitter, sharing that she would love to have a Walmart nearby where the party was because she loves shopping there.

As it turns out, Kyle Richards was just confused as she hadn’t seen a Walmart near there, so when the party planner suggested going to Walmart to pick up some last minute supplies, Richards was just confused as to what location he was referring to. As it turns out, Kyle would have probably gone with him.

But maybe Richards had other things to worry about other than locating the nearest Walmart. Just days prior, she had learned that Eden Sassoon was talking about Kim Richards and her sobriety behind her back. While Kyle didn’t want to say anything, she was nervous about Sassoon confronting Kim at her own party, and she was surprised when Eden approached them to have a conversation.

Bumped into @doritkemsley at @accesshollywood this morning. Discussing #rhobh & #celebapprentice tune into #rhobh tonight at 9:00 @bravotv

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“Eden and PK rode with us and some of our friends. Dorit lets me know that Eden said I enable Kim. I know Lisa Rinna said that before, so is that why Eden said that? Nobody who has uttered the word “enabler ” has ever witnessed any enabling. I resent having to defend myself against something so far from the truth. I’m not allowing it to ruin my night though. I’ve been so excited about this party that I’m basically letting it go in one ear and out the other,” Kyle Richards explains in her Bravo blog about the confrontation, shifting her focus from her sister to the property.

“The house and party looked beautiful. Yes, I was nervous about the cold weather and a few things, but it all turned out great. I always torture my party planner Glenn Schneider. I have to give him a shout out just for dealing with me!” Kyle Richards concludes in her blog about the party that was a twist on her annual white party.

What do you think of Kyle Richards’ comments about Walmart? Do you think she was truly surprised to hear about a potential store in the area?

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