Rogue POTUS Staff Twitter: Trump Furious At Spicer ‘SNL’ Woman — Putin, CNN Buzz

The Rogue POTUS Staff Twitter account has quickly gained more than 700,000 followers on Twitter, with the Rogue POTUS Staff Twitter account found @RoguePOTUSStaff claiming to be a team within the walls of Trump’s White House that’s following the movement to #resist President Trump. It isn’t known if White House staffers are actually behind the so-dubbed “unofficial resistance team inside the White House,” because the “Rogue POTUS Staff” refuses to identify themselves by name, likely so they can keep their White House jobs in the arena near President Trump — if true — and keep reporting on the interesting findings from behind the walls of the Trump administration.


The has a pinned tweet at the top of their very popular Twitter feed that warns that anyone making threats against President Trump or First Lady Melania Trump or the Trump Family at large will be blocked. Beyond that, the “Rogue POTUS Staff” Twitter account has leaked the “State of Washington” versus “Donald Trump” Case No. 17-35105, dated 02/06/2017, with ID No. 10304146 appeal “reply in support of emergency motion for stay pending appeal” regarding President Trump’s travel ban, which contains language about giving priorities to Christian refugees.

“As the district court recognized in Louhghalam, Section 5(b) ‘could be invoked to give preferred refugee status to a Muslim individual in a country that is predominantly Christian.'”

The “Rogue POTUS Staff” noted they received the document with help from their Department of Justice contacts.


The “Rogue POTUS Staff” also claimed that Sean Spicer was not happy with a role in Mr. Trump’s White House that has set up Spicer in a place to fail — likely because Spicer has been portrayed as constantly being on the defensive battling a gaggle of media that Mr. Trump has dubbed “fake news” at every turn. According to the rogue Twitter account, President Trump is very angry that Spicer was portrayed by Melissa McCarthy in a recent SNL skit that went viral. The Twitter account claims that the SNL portrayal of Spicer made him look weak since a woman portrayed him.

“Spicer unhappy that he’s been ‘set up for failure.’ POTUS furious that one of his ‘men’ portrayed by woman. Says it looks weak.”

The Twitter account has also recently claimed that Mr. Trump was too busy watching CNN, a news network that President Trump often calls “fake news,” to meet with White House aides.

“POTUS too preoccupied to meet with aides just yet. CNN is [talking] about him. Must watch. Even though it’s ‘fake news.'”

Other recent tweets from the account criticized President Trump for seemingly defending Putin when he was called a killer, but reacting stronger to articles found in the New York Times about Mr. Trump.

Rogue POTUS Staff added: “Always know your priorities” and retweeted: “@realDonaldTrump get told he is a killer and you shrug. Get told the New York Times wrote something bad and you break the internet.”

The “Rogue POTUS Staff” Twitter account wrote that they expected a bad day at the White House, with the Rogue POTUS Staff retweeting a video of Mr. Trump claiming he does have a relationship with Putin, as seen below, before Tuesday’s tweet of Mr. Trump claiming he didn’t know Putin.

Mr. Trump in 2013: “I do have a relationship with [Vladimir Putin]… I do have a relationship with him. He’s done a very brilliant job in terms of what he represents and who he’s represented… He’s eaten our president’s lunch…He’s put himself at the forefront of the world as a leader in a short period of time.”


“Expecting a brutal day in the office. POTUS owned on Twitter this AM after claiming he doesn’t know Putin. He’ll be in a bad mood now.”

The “Rogue POTUS Staff” Twitter account will no doubt reach one million or more followers soon at the rate it is growing.


The most recent tweets from the “Rogue POTUS Staff” on Twitter can be read below.

President Trump’s tweets about Putin over the years can be found via Google.

[Featured Image by Susan Walsh/AP Images]