Jimmy Sims, Ronald Robinson: Husband Murdered Wife's Ex Lover--'Shadow Of Doubt'

Jimmy Sims was gunned down in his driveway more than two decades ago. He was murdered by a man his ex-lover's husband hired to kill him. The case of Jimmy Sims and his killers Ronald Robinson and Robert Mason will air on the Investigation Discovery documentary TV series Shadow Of Doubt. The cold case went unsolved for years until a reopening of the case brought forth new information. The details of the Harris County, Texas, murder case will be discussed by police investigators and with those familiar with the story. The Shadow Of Doubt episode is titled "Beware The Green-Eyed Monster."

Shadow Of Doubt On Investigation Discovery will begin with the shooting death of Jimmy Sims, a hard-working husband who is shot and killed at his home.

When investigators were called out to the scene at 910 Moorside, they found a man dead in his driveway. The victim had been shot. He was identified as 54-year-old Jimmy Sims. His wife told police that he had just left for work, and that she had walked out with him as she did most nights. But instead of pulling out of the driveway as he always had, he doubled back to retrieve something from the house that he had forgotten.

Jimmy Sims' wife also told detectives that she saw two people. But they ran from the scene after she appeared at the front door with her gun.

Detectives had one lead. They needed to take a look at a man named Ronald Robinson. According to Jimmy Sims' wife, Robinson had been sending threatening letters to them after he found out that Jimmy Sims had sex with his wife, Flor. And it wasn't just sex. There was an affair between them that lasted for almost six years.


Jimmy Sims wanted to make a change in his life, so he ended the affair. He became a God-fearing Christian who wanted to make things better with his own wife.

But when Ronald Robinson discovered that Flor had sex with Jimmy, he became vengeful and angry. Court records show that Ronald Robinson abused his own wife and made her have sex with other men. But he couldn't take it when he learned that she had fallen into the arms of Jim Sims.

Texas investigators say that Sims, a former boxing coach, taught lessons to Ronald Robinson's son, Ronnie, at one time, Chron reported.

Leads in the murder investigation eventually dried up, leaving the case to go cold for many years. When detectives reopened the case in 2005, they received new information from some who were too afraid to come forward in 1991, according to Chron.

"Investigators first talked to Sims' widow, Jeneanne Bishop, who still had letters Robinson had written to Sims pretending to be Robinson's wife, to bait him. The letters were introduced into evidence and portions were read to the jury. The investigation would make its way to Mason, who was in prison in Beeville on an unrelated charge. Investigators led Mason to believe he might be executed for shooting Sims. Days later, he explained what happened and implicated all of his cohorts, who, in turn, talked to police. Mason said Robinson hired him to shoot Sims."
Authorities say that Ronald Robinson became so dangerously fixated on his wife's former lover that he hired Robert Mason, a drug dealer and thief with a lengthy criminal record, to kill Jimmy Sims that morning.


Ronald Robinson was a sick man.

  • He married his wife when she was just 16 years old. He was six years older.
  • He immediately began abusing her and making her engage in threesome-type sex.
  • After he found out about her affair, he became so obsessed that he wanted Jimmy Sims to engage in a threesome with him and his wife.
Watch Shadow Of Doubt tonight. It airs at 10/9 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery (ID). In a previous episode, another love triangle murder was profiled. Read up on the case of Joseph Sonnier.

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