Jenelle Evans Talks ‘Teen Mom’ Relationships: Trouble With David Or Her Mother?

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is no stranger to social media, and she used to use Twitter as a way of getting her frustrations out. Evans used the network to call out her boyfriends for cheating, hurting her, and even for leaving her. Jenelle made sure that everyone knew what was going on in her life at any given time, and it was very entertaining for people around her. However, when she started dating Nathan Griffith, she became more private, and her son Kaiser could have something to do with it. And now that she’s dating David Eason, people have no idea about whether she’s happy or miserable in her relationship. Where she was once an open book, Evans is now more private than ever.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans revealed that she’s having a hard time forcing someone to care about her feelings. She shared this on Twitter, which is the place where she once shared all of her feelings about her relationships. And people quickly assumed that she was having trouble with David as they are experiencing the stress after having a baby these days.

“You can’t force someone to care about your feelings,” Jenelle Evans revealed on Twitter, sharing that she is having a hard time with someone who isn’t expressing the feelings she was looking for, and given her past with social media, people quickly assumed that her relationship with David was in trouble.

“What’s wrong? Trouble in paradise with your 3rd baby daddy?” one person asked Jenelle Evans, who was sharing vague tweets about people’s feelings. Jenelle replied, “No sweetheart has nothing to do with David.”

But it sounds like Jenelle may have been tweeting about her own mother. It’s no secret that she has struggled to make peace with her own mother, especially since she has no plans of returning custody to Evans. Her mother has had full custody of Jace for years, and she has no plans of signing over custodial rights to Jenelle. Evans has tried to prove to the courts that she’s a stable mother, and it sounds like this custody battle could keep going for a while.

“Just wish she would give Jace to you. Why is she keeping him?” one person wrote to Evans about her custody battle over Jace, to which Jenelle replied, “She really has no real reason. You will see more into this issue later this season. #TeenMom2.”

“I still feel you do things outta spite. U both do! You could’ve told her, but we know David had some input on that, right?” another person asked Jenelle, to which Evans revealed that she has no trust left for her mother, explaining, “Nope, I don’t trust her. I tell her that everyday then she tells me I feel this way cause of David lol.”

However, Evans has plans of sharing her side of the story. This summer, this Teen Mom 2 star will publish her first book, which will include diary entries from when she was a child.

“Wait until my book is released this summer. There will be lots of diary entries of mine as a child and it sheds light on my earlier,” Jenelle Evans revealed on Twitter, sharing that her childhood may explain some of the things that she’s experienced that has influenced who she is today.

“Ensley will kick u out of the delivery room in 13 years too don’t worry,” one person wrote on Twitter, to which Jenelle Evans replied, “Was never kicked out of any delivery room… she says that so people feel pity for her. She ends up arguing with my boyfriend and leaves.”

What do you think of Jenelle Evans’ comments about her mother? Do you think she’s having trouble with her mother while her relationship with David is better?

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