Vanessa, ‘Bachelor’ Nick Viall: Does She Make It To Final Four? [Spoilers]

The cast of The Bachelor

Vanessa and Bachelor Nick Viall seem to be hitting it off on the current season of the popular ABC dating show, but does the Canadian beauty make it to Hometown Dates — and beyond?

Caution: Bachelor spoilers ahead!

The simple answer is yes. Vanessa Grimaldi and Nick Viall actually end up falling in love and yes, Vanessa does get to introduce Nick to her family. However, their relationship goes even further. That’s right, folks. Vanessa is Nick Viall’s “one.”

Reality Steve spoiled The Bachelor several weeks ago and claims that Nick will choose Vanessa in the end. However, the Bachelor-spoiler-extraordinaire has also revealed that Nick and Vanessa aren’t doing too well these days. In fact, he seems to think that this twosome isn’t going to last very long at all.

Vanessa Grimaldi poses for 'The Bachelor' photoshoot

“Will they last? Probably not. Already not hearing good things about the final couple, and I think where they are in life and location is playing a major role. However, despite everything that Nick claims, he did this season to strictly promote his career. No different than any other lead. He’s been taking acting classes in LA for a while now, so if Vanessa is even considering this relationship to be serious, she’s gonna have to move to LA for this to work. And I’m hearing she does not want to leave Canada. Sorry, but Nick is not moving to Canada. Nor is he moving back to Chicago. That’s not what he wants. He acts and models now. And oh yeah, practically begs to be on DWTS, which he would do in a second if they wanted him. So expect that talk to heat up come spring. He’s wanted that gig for two years now. So already with the relationship starting in LA, and Nick being bitten by the Hollywood bug, it already is starting out on the wrong foot. Plenty of time before any of this comes to fruition, but too many things about Nick that I’ve heard that absolutely have me 100% convinced he’s not interested in marrying anyone from this show.”

Vanessa and Bachelor Nick Viall may get engaged at the end of all of this (the end actually happened a couple of weeks ago), but they will face the same challenges that other Bachelor/ette couples have faced over the years. It’s not easy getting engaged to someone that you dated for a couple of months, and forget the fact that the “dating” portion of your relationship wasn’t even exclusive.

Of course, the Bachelor aftermath even harder when two people don’t live in the same country.

Vanessa Grimaldi on a group date

If Vanessa and Bachelor Nick Viall are going to work out their engagement, they are both going to have to make sacrifices. If Nick Viall is looking to extend his 5-minutes-of-fame, his gig on The Bachelor may have just been another sweet payday. If that’s the case, there’s always a chance you’ll see him on an upcoming Bachelor In Paradise.

As for Vanessa Grimaldi, she and Nick Viall do seem to have great chemistry. She is really down to earth and seems like she’d be a good fit for him. Fans of Nick Viall would love to see him find a girl to settle down with. He has had quite a few girlfriends associated with The Bachelor franchise, but nothing has worked out for him yet. Perhaps this time will be different.

Do you think that Nick Viall will find love on this season of The Bachelor? Are you a fan of Vanessa Grimaldi so far? Let us know in the comments section below.

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