Lena Dunham Says Hopelessness Of Trump Presidency To Blame For Her Weight Loss

Girls actress Lena Dunham is blaming Donald Trump for her recent weigh loss. The 30-year-old made claim that Trump is to blame for her slimmer figure during a Monday visit to the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio program. The conversation began when Howard asked Lena about her noticeably svelter physique.

As Fox News reported, Lena Dunham pointed at Trump and his unexpected White House victory in November. According to the actress, she has been unable to “eat food” since Trump was elected to the position of POTUS on November 8. Dunham told Stern that he was far from the first person to notice that she’d dropped a few pounds, but that the weight loss wasn’t deliberate or the result of special effort.

Rather, Lena Dunham claims that the “devastation and hopelessness” of a Trump presidency has cause the unwitting slimming down.

“Donald Trump became president and I stopped being able to eat food. Everyone’s been asking like, ‘What have you been doing?’ And I’m like, ‘Try soul-crushing pain and devastation and hopelessness and you, too, will lose weight.'”


Whether you are a fan of Lena Dunham, an outspoken liberal and feminist, or not, you are probably aware that she was not a Trump supporter during the divisive and rhetoric-laden campaign season. Rather, Dunham was an avid (and some even say “rabid”) supporter of Trump’s Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.

In fact, Dunham was such a staunch Hillary supporter that she (like many in Hollywood) vowed to move out of the country if Trump managed to pull off a victory. Specifically, Lena said she was moving to Canada to avoid “Trump’s America.”

Howard Stern, a shock-jock and no stranger to controversy, spoke to Dunham about her pledge to relocate to Canada if Trump made it to the White House.

According to Lena Dunham, she made her pre-election pledge to bail on America at a time when Trump pulling off a victory seemed like nothing more than “an impossible joke.” She claimed that she never, ever believed that a candidate like Trump could upset Hillary Clinton’s White House bid.

“The most qualified candidate we’ve ever had is running against a steak salesman. We’re going to be fine.”

As USWeekly reported, Trump is no fan of Lena, either. According to the actress, the former reality TV star has had as many unkind things to say about her as she’s had about him. During her Monday morning Stern interview, Lena Dunham recalled Trump’s assessment of her talent and career.

“[Trump] said I was a B-list actor with no mojo.”

What’s more, Donald Trump thought it would be a “great thing” if Dunham made good on her pledge to move to Canada in the wake of his potential presidential win. In an April 2016 Fox interview, he seemed far from saddened that she didn’t want to stick around if he became POTUS.

“That would be a great, great thing for our country if she got out.”

When Stern asked Dunham what she thought about a POTUS who pays so much attention to the lives and times of Hollywood celebs (Kristen Stewart attacked Trump on Saturday Night Live over the weekend for his “obsession” with her), and Lena Dunham had a quick answer. As well as a scathing assessment of Trump’s sanity. Or, as Lena Dunham described it, his lack thereof.

“Here’s the funny thing. Of course, it’s a mistake. But we’re talking about him like he’s a person who is operating in a sane way; we’re talking about him like a person who doesn’t have a personality disorder.”

Dunham, a famed HBO comedienne, has been making the rounds over the last couple of weeks, her newly slimmed-down body raising eyebrows, to promote her series, Girls. The sixth and reportedly last season of the popular HBO comedy will premiere on February 12.

Monday morning’s Trump trash talk marks just the most recent round of months of conflict between Dunham and the unlikely POTUS. Unfortunately for Donald Trump, despite apparently indirectly causing Lena Dunham to lose enough weight to dare to bare her midriff and wear tight-fitting clothes, she seems unlikely to relocate to Canada any time soon.

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