Ann Coulter Reacts To Eminem Rape Rap [Video]

Ann Coulter, the best-selling author and conservative pundit, has responded to being dissed on Eminem’s new rap song “No Favors,” which is a track on fellow Detroit resident Big Sean’s new album I Decided.

In addition to calling President Trump a b***h, Eminem’s “No Favors” lyrics, in what the Inquisitr previously described as a rather long rape fantasy sequence, proposes to f**k Ann Coulter with items such as a Klan poster, lamp post, door handle, bolt cutter, can opener, candle, and a manhole cover.

One of those ubiquitous TMZ vidoegraphers caught up with Ann on a Manhattan street corner to find out if she thought that Eminem’s rap did her any favors, as it were.

“Ann Coulter clapped back at Eminem for trashing her on a new Big Sean track, and while her verbal beatdown doesn’t have a beat… it’s got plenty of bite,” TMZ explained about the “right-wing lightning rod.”

When the friendly TMZ guy asked Coulter, whose latest book is In Trump We Trust, if she was upset about Eminem’s song, the political commentator drew a parallel with the mob violence that occurred on February 1, when Milo Yiannopoulos tried to deliver a scheduled speech at the University of California at Berkeley.

“It’s unfortunate that the left from Berkeley to Eminem, with his rap songs, has normalized violence against women as Eminem has done. He talks about f-ing women with an umbrella until the bleep comes out…this goes on for years. He denounces gays, uses ugly terms; his homophobia and his misogyny is quite well known…it’s one thing if it’s just some idiot who, by the way is no longer a kid, but now we’re seeing it play out with professors at Berkeley and the head of the Berkeley police. It’s just become quite normal for the left to behave in these violent ways toward women and gays.”

In a follow-up question about whether Eminem (Marshall Mathers) was helping to boost Ann Coulter’s brand with his controversial if not “shady” rap, she replied that, “I think I can get publicity without having these incomprehensible and yet still ugly and violent lyrics written. I think he’s getting more publicity off of me.”

In the same song, Eminem, 44, fantasizes about murdering actress Jamie Lee Curtis by beating her with a space heater.

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The Ontario-based RINJ (rape is no joke) Foundation has called for a global boycott of what it deems “rape rappers” Eminem and Big Sean for promoting violence against women. It also calls for the arrest of Eminem and Big Sean for encouraging the commission of a felony.

According to Breitbart News, Big Sean allegedly rapped about murdering President Trump with an ice pick during a freestyle performance on radio station Hot 97 in NYC last week while on a promotional tour for I Decided.

Eminem has a long history of trashing pop culture icons in his music, so it’s probably no surprise that he’s taking on America’s pop culture president, the Inquisitr noted previously.

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Separately, as a self-employed person, Ann Coulter discusses in a column that she is getting heartburn from Obamacare, which President Trump and the GOP-controlled Congress plan to repeal and replace.

“Just yesterday, for example, in addition to working, I had to spend an hour — on top of days and days last month — figuring out which few remaining clinics provide mammograms under my brand-new, now third Obamacare insurance plan. My original plan was made ‘illegal’ by Obamacare, and the next two plans — fully approved under Obamacare — went bankrupt and were shut down by state and federal regulators. Now I just have to pray I don’t get cancer or break a bone before Obamacare is repealed because, even at $700 a month with a gigantic deductible, there is NO PLAN on the individual market accepted by the two premier hospitals in my area for cancer or broken bones. Those $700 premiums go to pay for the pregnancies and dental care of welfare recipients and immigrants, not cancer treatment for Ann.”

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