Corinne Olympios Headed To ‘DWTS’ With Nick Or Prepping For ‘Bachelorette’ Gig?

Bachelor contestant Corinne Olympios is one of this season’s most talked-about contestants, but is she on the show to find love or another reality show gig? Although Corinne has yet to get a one-on-one date with Nick Viall, she continues to get roses week after week, something that frustrates the other girls who feel she is not there for the right reasons. And that’s something a man from her past says is not far from the truth.

Could it be that the show’s producers are keeping Corinne around for as long as possible because she would be a ratings hit as the next Bachelorette star? Or is she polishing up her dancing shoes and heading to the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars?

Warning: Bachelor Season 21 spoilers are ahead!

Although Glamour reports that Nick Viall may be part of the DWTS Season 24 cast, a new report from the Inquisitr reveals that ABC may be in talks with Corinne as well. If so, that would rule her out as the next Bachelorette because it films at the same time, but there’s definitely something in the works for this season’s villain.

Read on to find out what may be in store for the 24-year-old Florida resident who seems to be getting more media attention than Nick.

Keith Berman, who pens the Live from the Gutter blog, claims that he had a fling with Corinne two years ago. Although they didn’t have a serious relationship, they talked frequently and he got to know her well — perhaps better than viewers who only see her as a villain.

Berman says that ABC has a “goldmine on their hands” as far as ratings go. And what better way to drive up ratings than offering Corinne a contract to appear on Dancing with the Stars or to hand out roses as the next Bachelorette.

Although Berman says Corinne “may not be the smartest girl in the world,” he admits that she’s “flirty, energetic, sexy, and a ton of fun.” And fans can’t stop talking about her — for better or for worse.

While many viewers want to see a Bachelor or Bachelorette love story, savvy fans realize it’s the drama and craziness that lures fans in, something Corinne definitely brings to the table.

Blogger Reality Steve, who spoils the show for a living, has revealed that Corinne makes it to the final four, but Nick eliminates her after the hometown dates. Rachel, Raven, and Vanessa are the final three and, if spoilers are correct, Vanessa wins the final rose.

In past seasons, a girl from either hometowns or the final three is picked to become the Bachelorette, and while fans may think Rachel and Raven top the list, choosing Corinne as ABC’s leading lady is not out of the question.

Corinne Olympios [Image by ABC Television Network]

Contestant Rachel Lindsay may be the Corinne’s biggest competitor when it comes to landing the Bachelorette gig. She was an instant fan favorite after her New Orleans one-on-one date with Nick, and a previous report from the Inquisitr points out that the beautiful black lawyer could be the answer to the show’s long-running diversity issue.

However, Corinne is getting far more attention from ABC than the other contestants — including her recent appearance on Ellen (see video below) — a sign that the network is lining her up for something big – Dancing with the Stars, Bachelorette, or Bachelor in Paradise?

Although fans may think all of the publicity is being done because she’s a top pick for the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise, it’s totally possible they will shock viewers and introduce her as the 2017 Bachelorette — just like they did when they introduced Nick Viall as the Season 21 Bachelor star instead of Luke Pell.

And while there is some buzz about her appearing on Dancing with the Stars, it would make for some instant trouble if she appeared on the show with Nick. After all, Reality Steve stated in a recent podcast that Nick is still engaged to Vanessa — having Corinne around Nick would certainly be awkward.

If producers think Corinne will bring in a bigger audience than front-runners Rachel or Raven, then we could see the 24-year-old Miami resident handing out roses to 25 or more eligible bachelors this spring.

Whether Corinne is the next Bachelorette, goes on Dancing with the Stars, or is part of the 2017 Bachelor in Paradise cast, Keith Berman says that “more Corinne = more ratings,” and Olympios knows “exactly what she’s doing” when it comes to getting what she wants — more TV time and to become “Insta-famous.”

Nick and Corinne [Image by ABC Television Network]

So far, she’s succeeding at the fame part despite the negative chatter that streams through Twitter when the show airs on Monday nights. But as far as a long-term relationship goes, Berman states that he doesn’t think Corinne is “ready for preschool let alone marriage.”

Would you like to see Corinne hand out roses as the next Bachelorette? If not, would you watch her compete for the 2017 Mirrorball trophy on Dancing with the Stars?

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