‘Trump Draws’ Twitter Account Draws 355K Followers To Fake Drawings By ‘Trump’

'Trump Draws' Twitter Account Draws 355K Followers To Fake Drawings By 'Trump'

The popular “Trump Draws” Twitter account is the stuff that silly laughs are made of. The Twitter account has taken an average video of President Donald Trump doing something ordinary — such as signing an executive order — and has transformed it into a crazy meme that pretends Mr. Trump has drawn something else, like a bunny rabbit or a car or other stick figures.

As a result, the “Trump Draws” account has swelled to enjoy more than 355,000 followers on Twitter. The popularity of the “Trump Draws” Twitter account might be to add levity to serious situations that certain people might not agree with politically. As seen in the top photo above, President Trump signed an executive order on Friday, February 3, which sought to direct the Treasury secretary to take a look at the 2010 Dodd-Frank law regarding financial oversight.

Trump draws

However, the “Trump Draws” Twitter account re-imagines such executive order signings by President Trump in the Oval Office of the White House as something a lot simpler — with the above video showing Trump’s “bunny rabit” drawing, misspellings and all.

The “my cool car” drawing shows Mr. Trump holding up a drawing of a car that says “President,” and has a flag attached to the car that contains several passengers.

The “football” drawing shows Tom Brady throwing a football, with the words “My BFF” scrawled on the drawing. The “Trump Draws” football drawing is a statement to the support Brady has given President Trump over time, with Brady saying he thought it would be great if Mr. Trump won the presidency — being one of the first athletes to show off a red “Make America Great Again” hat, according to Bill Maher’s recent NSFW segment about Tom and Trump.

The “Trump Draws” drawing showing Sponge Bob — listed as Mr. Trump’s “friend” — is a bit more elaborate than the other drawings since it contains color.

There’s a simplistic drawing of a donkey.

There’s also ice cream. “Yum!”

The “Trump Draws” drawing titled “my plane” includes a reference to Air Force One and America.

The “Trump Draws” account spells the word beaver as “beever” in the above drawing of a buck-toothed beaver.

The “pretty” drawing shows a flower.

The “space ship” drawing displays a rocket with U.S.A. emblazoned on the side, with an arrow drawn to the moon.

The “peenut” drawing could be viewed in several ways, considering the spelling attributed to the drawing.

The “mickee mouse” drawing purports to show Mickey Mouse.

The “train” drawing exhorts, “Choo choo!”

The “dinosar” drawing shows a big green dinosaur.

The “me” drawing shows two of the most discussed physical attributes surrounding Mr. Trump: hands and hair.

The “turkey” drawing shows a turkey gobbling.

The horse drawing shows a horse.

The “house” drawing shows just that, a house.

The “Trump Draws” account isn’t the only Twitter account seeking to take a humorous look at the Trump presidency. The Twitter account called @HalfOnionInABag proclaims that they mere exist “to get more followers than “” on Twitter. That Twitter account currently has 768,000 Twitter followers, compared to the 24 million Twitter followers Mr. Trump currently has.

Trump Draws

Reactions to the “Trump Draws” Twitter account can be read below.

“The only kinda sorta good thing about is that the activism against him is so darn creative! This and

“I’m loving the account – but the scary thing is that some of the things on there are almost believable…”

: “355k followers in 6days! Wow!

“The account makes me grin like an idiot at least once a day.

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