WWE News: Major Details Revealed For Upcoming Goldberg Vs. Kevin Owens Feud

Goldberg Will Face Kevin Owens at FastLane

On Raw, WWE finally revealed that they’re planning for Goldberg to challenge Kevin Owens for the WWE Universal Title at WWE FastLane, but some big news has dropped on what the feud between Goldberg and Owens will be like. Simultaneously, Goldberg also accepted Brock Lesnar’s challenge for one more fight at Wrestlemania 33. On paper, WWE is essentially guaranteeing at huge title change at WWE FastLane.

It’s been rumored for weeks now, but all we knew until Monday night was that Goldberg would be featured in the main event of WWE FastLane. The WWE Universe speculated on his opponent, but Owens seemed to be the most obvious choice for the role. The only question was if WWE officials would be willing to give the WWE Universal Title to Goldberg before Wrestlemania 33. Apparently, the answer is an emphatic yes.

Recently, Goldberg revealed that he would be open to appearing more on Raw and on WWE programming if WWE put the WWE Universal Championship on his shoulder, especially if he’s a WWE World Champion heading into Wrestlemania. The expectation is Goldberg will walk out of WWE FastLane with the title, but how WWE books Kevin Owens during the match is going to be pivotal for both men heading into Orlando.

Kevin Owens vs Chris Jericho Feud is Beginning

Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Owens has been imminent for months now. Most of the WWE Universe is surprised their feud hasn’t begun yet, but the question for their feud is if it would be for the WWE Universal Title. The rivalry between Jericho and Owens doesn’t need the title, especially considering Y2J is holding the United States Championship. On Raw, Jericho accepting the match with Goldberg on Owens’ behalf is clearly going to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back because Owens will be able to blame losing the title on Jericho.

From there, Jericho vs. Owens will culminate in Orlando at Wrestlemania, but the rivalry between them can be built in many different ways. The feud with Goldberg will be different because he is the most dominant force in WWE right now after embarrassing Brock Lesnar twice. Kevin Owens is going to avoid Goldberg at all costs over the next month, but how WWE books the match between them is going to be very important.

According to a recent report, WWE officials are planning for Goldberg vs. Owens at WWE FastLane to have a very similar result to Goldberg vs. Lesnar from WWE Survivor Series a few months ago. Simply put, WWE officials are planning for Owens to lose the WWE Universal Championship to Goldberg in a squash match.

Goldberg is Expected to Win WWE Universal Championship

It’s been reported that Kevin Owens has a fantastic relationship with WWE officials backstage, so any plans about how to book the match with Goldberg will be run through creatively with him. A squash match does a great deal to continue Goldberg’s momentum heading into the match with Lesnar at Wrestlemania, but the one who needs to come off looking strong is Owens, which can be done rather easily at WWE FastLane.

The new information is the match between Goldberg and Owens is expected to be really short. However, the longer the match goes on, and the longer he can compete, the more legitimate Owens will look as a top guy in WWE. If Owens is crushed by Goldberg in two minutes, then he’s just like everyone else. But, a very strong performance can do wonders for Owens because being able to hang with Goldberg erases a lot of the critics about how he’s been a poor WWE World Champion since he won most of his title defenses with help.

After that, he can feud with Chris Jerico, who can then put over Owens on his way out of WWE, and solidify himself as a bona fide main event star on WWE programming after Wrestlemania. Goldberg vs. Owens can be beneficial to both men, especially since the odds are that Brock Lesnar walks out of Orlando as the WWE Universal Champion. WWE just needs to remember that there are two men in the Goldberg vs. Owens feud.

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