‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Finally Get Their Alex Answers And Debate What’s Happened

Alex’s fate was finally revealed in Grey’s Anatomy last week. Fans have waited months to find out whether their beloved character would go to jail for his actions in the Season 12 finale. As soon as they got the answers, fans took to social media to debate and speculate about the outcome.

For those who aren’t caught up, there are major spoilers from this point. If you haven’t watched the episode, you will definitely want to catch how the Alex answers came out on Thursday night.


Grey’s Anatomy spent the whole hour leaving fans wondering about Alex’s fate. Meredith searched every jail and courthouse she could, only to come up empty-handed. After deciding that she had lost her best friend, she went into her bedroom and kept the lights off. It was only in the final minutes of the episode that fans found out he was still very much free.

How is that possible? Well, this was why Grey’s Anatomy fans instantly took to social media. Was it due to the case being dropped? That certainly seems plausible considering Alex didn’t even look concerned. He had apparently slept the whole time in Meredith’s bed, suggesting that he is completely free and needed the sleep to get rid of the stress from the last few months.

Another reason fans think he is free was due to DeLuca’s confusion when Arizona returned home. She told DeLuca that Alex was gone, which shocked him. Fans believe that DeLuca dropped the charges to help protect Jo, who was worried that she would have to give her real name on the stand and that would mean her ex-husband would come to Seattle for her.


The Christian Post reports that DeLuca could have certainly chosen to drop the case, which has been ongoing through Grey’s Anatomy Season 13. He could have decided that there was nothing to gain, but everything to lose. There has been no pressure from anyone in the hospital to drop the case, as the majority of doctors are on his side.


Another potential storyline is that the trial has been postponed for the time being. The district attorney would have the final say over whether the case will be dropped, rather than DeLuca. He could have called to request the trial to end, but if the D.A. had enough evidence, then he could have still continued.

Maggie also stated that the outcome online was that the trial had ended rather than postponed. This would suggest that it won’t be dragged out any longer, and fans will find out this week as to whether Alex is definitely free or not.

What will happen to Alex if is he free? Since there is no case hanging over his head, it is likely that he will return to pediatrics in the hospital. Just last week, there was a mention about finding a new Head of Pediatrics, suggesting that this role is currently Alex’s pending the trial outcome since Arizona has moved into fetal surgery.


If the court case has been dropped and Alex is a free man, there is no reason for him not to get his job back. He wouldn’t have lost his medical license.

Fans also wonder if Grey’s Anatomy will focus on a new love story now that Alex’s fate has been confirmed. Meredith was extremely relieved to find Alex in her bed at the end of the episode. Many fans would like to see them together and believe that the relief is an indication that this will happen. Others just belief the relief was that of any friend and the two are more like siblings.

Grey’s Anatomy continues on Thursday at 8 p.m. on ABC, and fans will likely find out exactly why Alex is out of jail.

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