‘This Is Us’ Kate Spoilers: Chrissy Metz New Romance Shocker & Weight Loss War

When it comes to Chrissy Metz and her character, Kate, on This Is Us, the actress has been candid about how Kate’s weight loss wars have resembled her own struggles. But Chrissy has reportedly had real-life romance heartbreak as well, and now This Is Us is headed down a path that also may parallel some of Metz’s issues.

Toby, played by Chris Sullivan, has enjoyed prime boyfriend status when it comes to Kate on This Is Us. But on Tuesday’s episode “I Call Marriage,” get ready for Duke (portrayed by Adam Bartley) to indicate that he’s not letting go of his feelings for Kate, according to TV Guide.

Chris Sullivan, who plays Toby, and Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate, won Favorite New TV Drama for ‘This is Us’ during the People’s Choice Awards. [Image by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]

Still seeking a way to win her weight loss wars, Kate has spent a day devoted to yoga and walking. And then there’s Duke, who shows no hesitation in informing Chrissy’s character that she’s looking hot.

Kate, as portrayed by Metz, has become known for her ability to speak her mind. But in this case, Duke doesn’t get scolded because Kate receives a text from Toby promising a surprise waiting in the front office.

Spoiler Alert

Could an engagement ring be waiting, with Toby hopefully offering the bling on bended knee? This Is Us has revealed in the official description of the episode that Toby “throws a wrench in Kate’s weight loss journey.”

And the hints that something’s going amiss between Toby and Kate don’t stop there. Metz has shared that her character’s romance with Chris Sullivan’s role won’t follow a conventionally straightforward path to a wedding.

“Sometimes relationships when they are tried and tested, they either fall apart or they get stronger,” hinted Chrissy. “We don’t know what’s going to happen with that.”

When Entertainment Weekly talked with the This Is Us actress about what lies ahead for Kate and Toby, Chrissy was candid in her desire to continue working with Chris. Metz says that she told Dan that she was “not doing this without Chris,” praising Sullivan for his contributions.

“I don’t want to ever work without Chris Sullivan.”

Describing Chris as “just so wonderful,” Chrissy admitted that Dan had told her “don’t worry, don’t worry.”

Chrissy Metz reveals how her own weight loss journey will reflect Kate’s on ‘This Is Us.’ [Image by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images]

Also ahead for Metz’s character lies the decision about her weight loss wars. Chrissy pointed out that Kate is “still grappling with the gastric bypass decision” while coping with Toby’s health concerns. Metz emphasized her character’s tough side while pointing out all the challenges in Kate’s life.

“Her brother’s gone, her fiancé is dealing with a lifestyle change he has to make because of his surgeries, and, of course, that’s going to force her to have to be on the straight and narrow for herself as well and not to tempt him,” pointed out Metz.

“[Kate is] a tough cookie deep, deep down, even though she’s very sensitive.”

That “tough” aspect of Kate’s personality on This Is Us may reflect what Chrissy herself has gone through.

According to Radar Online, “Chrissy Metz found love after moving to Los Angeles — but it all ended in heartbreak and a secret divorce.”

Metz and her now-ex-husband, Martyn Eaden, split in 2013 after five years of marriage, according to the media outlet. But Chrissy allegedly “never responded when Eaden filed for divorce 22 months later.” Metz’s mother talked with Radar about her insights.

“Martyn was a nice guy, her first real love,” said Chrissy’s mom, Denise Hodge.

After Metz and Eaden split in January of 2013, he filed for divorce in November of 2014, citing “irreconcilable differences,” according to Radar, which also reported that the divorce subsequently was finalized.

“I remember when Chrissy told me they had broken up, but she never really went into why they split, and that was her business,” added her mother.

Metz, 36, has a new boyfriend now, and she shared that the two met through a pal.

“He’s not an actor, but he is a sweet treat, and he’s wonderful,” revealed Chrissy.

As for what will happen when it comes to Metz and her own weight loss struggles versus her character’s weight wars on This Is Us, Chrissy talked with the Hollywood Reporter about whether her weight loss journey will parallel her character’s path.

“The trajectory is that Kate will be losing weight just as I will in real life to reflect the character in her arc and her journey.”

Metz described the weight loss storyline of This Is Us as “exciting for me,” admitting that “losing weight is something I’ve struggled with and contemplated.” Chrissy said that she has lost weight and gained weight in the past, but she pointed out that she “wouldn’t have this amazing role” if she had already reached her goals.

“The weight loss is definitely going to happen,” promised Metz. “When Kate starts to realize it’s more about how she feels about herself and not necessarily a number on the scale, that might take a backseat, but right now she has been obsessed with losing weight to make her happy.”

What can viewers look forward to on This Is Us when it comes to Kate and her weight? Chrissy revealed that as her character sheds pounds and “puts the food down, a lot of other things start to come up.” And get ready for multiple layers of drama.

“It’s going to be really fascinating to watch that unfold on a lot of different levels,” summed up Metz.

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