Josh And Anna Duggar Shoot Down Divorce Rumors, Couple Remains Married

Josh and Anna Duggar have been in the spotlight for almost two years now. They were a part of 19 Kids and Counting on TLC, chronicling their life and marriage as part of the Duggar family. Everything seemed to be going well for the couple as they were living life and Anna was pregnant with her fourth child. Josh is the oldest Duggar sibling, and he was the first to get married. In fact, Josh is the only male child in the family to have walked down the aisle as three of his sisters have followed behind him.

In the spring of 2015, a police report involving Josh Duggar was released. It named him as a someone who inappropriately touched several of his siblings and a female friend who was also in the house at the time the incident happened. This was not a recent event; it had happened almost a decade prior to the leak. After Josh was called out for his indiscretions as a teen, TLC immediately canceled 19 Kids and Counting. Fans began turning on the family and saying vulgar things in response to what Josh had done.

Anna Duggar and her family had reportedly known about the incident that happened several years prior to the two being married. It appeared that things would remain the same between the couple, as this was not the life-changing news some thought it would be for Anna. Josh Duggar was then caught on a website where extramarital affairs are promoted. He had an account on Ashley Madison, and that was just the beginning of what would be a bad few months for the Duggar family. Anna was urged to divorce Josh and move away, but that would have gone against everything they believe in. Rumors have been swirling that she may have met with a divorce attorney.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Josh Duggar is denying that they are headed for a divorce. In fact, they made it seem like everything was perfect in their world at the moment. While this may be true, fans aren’t buying it. Josh and Anna have been out of the spotlight since he emerged from rehab almost one year ago. He spent six months in Illinois getting treatment and returned home to Arkansas last spring. They have been working through everything Josh has done, and it appears their children have been unaffected by the scandals he brought to his family.

Aside from the pain Josh Duggar caused his wife, his family also suffered. Their show was canceled, and it was unclear if they would ever return to television. Fortunately, TLC decided to try a special with the Duggar siblings that addressed the way they were handling what Josh did. That turned into Counting On, which is currently airing Season 3. Josh is not allowed to be filmed for the show at all, and he is completely shunned by the network. Anna has been shown briefly on a few occasions, but not as much as she used to be when it was 19 Kids and Counting.

This is the first time Josh and Anna Duggar have actually issued a statement on their relationship since right after the scandal broke. When it was discovered what he had done, Josh issued a public apology to his wife and family but hasn’t said anything since then. He has attempted to live his life under the radar, trying hard to avoid more public humiliation. Things are seemingly going okay in their marriage, and no more babies have been brought into the world yet. Josh and Anna Duggar are not getting divorced, and it seems they are in for the long haul, honoring the vows they took when they wed.

[Featured Image by Anna Duggar/Twitter]