Eden Sassoon Slammed By Kim Richards: ‘RHOBH’ Star Furious With Rumors

Eden Sassoon may be new to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season, but she has managed to get involved in one of the biggest feuds to hit the show in a few years. It’s no secret that Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards aren’t exactly the best of friends, as Lisa was very vocal in calling out Kim for her drunken behavior over the past couple of years. While Richards has worked on her issues and is a sober woman these days, it sounds like Eden and Rinna continue to bring up Kim’s personal problems. And now, this former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has had enough.

According to a new tweet, Eden Sassoon isn’t exactly a great friend, especially if you ask Kim Richards. Over the weekend, Kim decided to call out Eden and Rinna for their behavior, asking them to focus on their own lives rather than drag her through the mud all the time. When Sassoon joined the show, she revealed that she herself had struggled with alcohol and her own sister had died from an overdose. Rather than just keep it to herself, Sassoon used it to compare herself to Kim and her sister Kyle Richards. And while she may have had good intentions in trying to help out, their friendship became very awkward.

“Sound familiar? Take notes from this.. Lisa Rinna & Eden,” Kim Richards tweeted over the weekend, while sharing a GIF of Erika Girardi reading her lines at the CBS studios with Eileen, saying, “Instead of focusing on my life why don’t you actually get one of your own?”

“Your a grown women, why not focus on yourself and your family rather than tweeting about high school drama???” one person wrote back to Kim, sharing that Richards should focus on what’s really important.

Richards replied, “This is Hardly high school drama!! These are grown women!! This is MY LIFE that they are spreading horrible lies about me!”

Of course, Richards hadn’t been filming The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills full-time for a couple of years, and she has been focusing on her family, her sobriety, and grieving the loss of her ex-husband, Monty. So when Rinna decided to say that Kim was close to death on this season of the show, Eden Sassoon immediately felt that she had to help. And some viewers felt that Sassoon had been misguided by her co-star.

“Lisa Rinna, you literally told Eden Sassoon that Kim Richards was near dying. she runs with it & now you wanna pretend ur not friends? #Phony,” one person wrote to Lisa, tagging both Kim and Eden in the tweet.

Richards replied, “Lisa’s apologies r fake & not sincere/ two faced lies & Eden running w/ horrible rumor! & nice to my face.”


But rather than accept the fact that Rinna may have done something wrong, she chose to fight back against Richards, writing, “We have been in a peaceful place for months pls don’t start drama between us again. Kiss your grandson that’s what matters!”

Interestingly, Eden Sassoon wasn’t involved in the conversation, but Rinna still wanted to distance herself from Sassoon. When a person called her out for being passive-aggressive with Richards, she decided to reveal that she was not friends with Eden Sassoon before she joined the show.

“That’s sooo passive aggressive! Kim knows her grandson is important, YET can also defend blasphemous comments!” one person wrote to Lisa, who later tweeted, “For the record I didn’t know Eden Sassoon, I had never met her before the show. I did not bring her on as my friend. She was hired,” to create distance between herself and Eden Sassoon.

What do you think of Eden Sassoon being dragged into the existing drama with her two co-stars over addiction and alcoholism?

[Featured Image by Leon Bennett/Getty Images]