‘Bachelor’ Spoilers: One Girl Leaves When Nick Learns She Slept With His Friend

The Bachelor Nick Viall travels to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, with his remaining nine ladies on Episode 6 (February 6) and while a getaway to a tropical island is the perfect backdrop for romance, Nick will face some major drama including a confession from one girl who admits that she slept with one of his friends before taping the show.

Although she won’t be the only girl who stirs up drama during the Virgin Islands trip, her sex confession will prompt Nick to question if any of the girls are serious about finding love this season.

Which girl admits that she had sex with Nick’s friend, which one of his friends supposedly got horizontal with the Season 24 contestants, and does Nick send her home or does she leave on her own after dropping the bombshell on The Bachelor star?

Warning: The Bachelor Season 21, Episode 6 spoilers are ahead.

Nine girls head from New Orleans to St. Thomas on Monday night, but by the end of the show only six will remain. Although ABC reveals that there is another two-on-one date this week, the majority of the drama will take place during the group date.

According to Reality Steve, six girls go on the group date — Vanessa, Corinne, Raven, Jasmine, Danielle M., and Rachel. After playing a round of beach volleyball, the winning and losing teams head to an after party with Nick.

Bachelor contestant Jasmine Goode
'Bachelor' Nick Viall and Jasmine G. [Image by ABC Television Network]

Several girls have yet to go on a one-on-one date this season, and that’s totally unacceptable for contestant Jasmine Goode who has been complaining about her lack of alone time with Nick all season.

Spoilers indicate that after repeatedly getting chosen to go on group dates instead of a one-on-one date, one contestant expressed her frustration to Nick but it doesn’t end well for the 29-year-old pro basketball dancer.

Unfortunately for Jasmine, Nick has already made up his mind about who he wants to eliminate and sends her home during the group date after party. And that’s where things get a little messy with spoilers pointing to what could be one of the most awkward departures of the season.

Reality Steve reports that before Jasmine leaves, she feels the need to tell Nick that she slept with one of his friends before she joined the Bachelor Season 24 cast.

“Jasmine was eliminated during after party,” Steve writes. “At some point during Nick sending her home, she admits to sleeping with one of Nick’s friends in the past as sort of an ‘f*** you’ as she’s eliminated.”

Whether she’s telling Nick the truth about having sex with his friend is unknown at this point — perhaps she will eventually tell her story to a tabloid magazine. However, the biggest question fans will have after the episode plays out is who the friend is. Is he someone from the Bachelor franchise or one of Nick’s friends from outside of the show?

bachelor contestant jasmine goode elimination drama
Jasmine Goode [Image by ABC Television Network]

According to Jasmine’s ABC bio, she currently lives in San Francisco and that’s not far from where Nick lives in L.A. There will undoubtedly be some speculation that the fling she had is with one his friends from the L.A. area unless it happened while he lived in Chicago, months before he was cast as the Bachelor.

Reality Steve is reasonably certain that Jasmine didn’t sleep with a friend of Nick’s from the Bachelor franchise and admits that no matter who it was, Jasmine had a “pretty grand exit.”

“I have no idea who it is she slept with, but I don’t believe it’s someone in Bachelor Nation. That’s a pretty grand exit if you ask me. Nice. ‘Oh yeah, by the way, I banged your boy. Peace out.'”

Watch Jasmine’s dramatic exit along with the rest of the Episode 7 drama on Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor starting at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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